Thursday, April 23, 2015

Android WebView Stable Update

The Chrome team in London is happy to announce that WebView has been updated to 42.0.2311.129 and will be available in Google Play over the next few days for devices on Android 5.0 and higher.

This release adds support for ES6 classes and provides stability and security fixes.

Interesting in trying the WebView beta channel?  Find out how right here.  If you notice any issues, please file a bug.

Alex Mineer
Google Chrome and WebView



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dell Venue 8 3830 with Android 4.4.2 has a MAJOR issue with WebView. Apps the use it to display HTML content (including Inbox) regularly end up with large black squares blocking the screen and eventually the apps crash or even the whole tablet reboots. Is there any way to get this fixed? To get Dell to push an update?

11:27 AM, April 23, 2015  
Blogger Bnaya Peretz said...

Eric, you can consider using crosswalk. It will give you the desired chromium version bundled with your apk

10:41 AM, April 24, 2015  
Blogger Andrew said...

This update has broken so many apps on my HTC One M8 from Verizon. Any app that uses web content (Kik, Dashlane, 1Weather, even GMail) crashes on launch or on connecting. Removing all updates to webview corrects all errors. Ive even tried the .133 apk with the same results, and PLENTY of others on the Play Store are commenting the same thing. This is huge. FIX THIS.

1:10 PM, April 25, 2015  
Blogger Jorrit Venema said...

This update crashes apps that use webview on Android 5. Crash occurs at inflating layout with webview in it. How can this even get released? Must get fixed SOON.

4:41 AM, April 26, 2015  
Blogger Shai Gerably said...

Crashes my apps as specified by others. A HUGE issue.
A hotfix is a must.
Please confirm you are aware of the issue and what you plan to do about it.

12:21 AM, April 27, 2015  
Blogger John Kizer said...

HTC One M8 here, and I'm having the same issue with wide ranging app crashes (Hangouts, MLB At Bat, games, etc.). This needs addressed ASAP - I can only imagine the numbers of people taking their phones to carrier stores with no clue what is causing this, potentially resulting in unnecessary phone exchanges, factory data resets, etc.

5:15 PM, April 27, 2015  
Blogger DM said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:42 PM, May 03, 2015  

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