Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beta Channel Update

The Beta channel has been updated to 9.0.597.19 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame.

You can find more details about this release on the Google Chrome Blog.

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome



Blogger Onestone said...

A short summary of the new things would be nice, as this is a major version upgrade (8 to 9).

7:20 AM, December 16, 2010  
Blogger Kay S.T. said...

wow many new about:flags experiments

7:24 AM, December 16, 2010  
Blogger Βασίλης said...

don't activate this version flag features!chrome will crash like dev version!

8:02 AM, December 16, 2010  
Blogger Keith said...

Wow. This. Is. Fast. (with some of the nice sounding things under Flags turned on at least).

9:12 AM, December 16, 2010  
Blogger Jesse Ball said...

Chrome for a Cause, is no longer loading since the update. :(

9:12 AM, December 16, 2010  
Blogger konfusion said...

Where's my instant? :(

9:48 AM, December 16, 2010  
Blogger Kay S.T. said...

@konfusion go to preference -> Basics -> Under the catergory "Search"

10:06 AM, December 16, 2010  
Blogger berfarah said...

@Kay S.T.
<3 I love it so much :D Thanks a lot!

2:08 PM, December 16, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE the new zoom setting in Under the Hood!

The new flags in about:flags are nice too. Love the one about pre-rendering one.

2:57 PM, December 16, 2010  
Blogger ezhao said...

Mine hangs on two different machines when trying to restore previous tabs! Only open new tab seems okay.

8:05 PM, December 16, 2010  
Blogger Jermaine said...

Flash always crash whenever I full screen a flash video..tried reinstalling but never 64bit

8:47 AM, December 17, 2010  
Blogger Lanel said...

Great Build!!! :]

3:18 PM, December 18, 2010  
Blogger Aus said...

my gmail tab keeps breaking/crashing with this version. But its so sporadic, not consistent.

6:44 AM, December 19, 2010  
Blogger John said...

Personally, I think this build is too unstable. The entire browser is crashing every time I have more than 2 browsers loading, but that problem doesn't apply if run in incognito mode. I'm running a 64bit Windows 7 btw

7:53 AM, January 02, 2011  
Blogger Nedas said...

When searching images on google all thumbnails become black with daily build it's OK

12:36 AM, January 05, 2011  
Blogger ezhao said...

It hangs everytime on restart if you've got a lot of tabs to restore!!! Please fix its soon!

12:13 AM, January 13, 2011  

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