Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dev Channel Update

The Dev channel has been updated to 11.0.672.2 for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms

  • Updated V8 -
  • Fixed the crash when loading tabbed options in some cases.
  • Fixed a crash triggered when canceling a download. (Issue 70592)
  • Fixed a crash triggered by form resubmissions. (Issue 70315)
  • FTP: fixed a compatibility issue. (Issue 70394)
  • XSS Auditor re-designed and enabled by default. It’s still experimental (and there are known bypasses), but we’re looking for feedback about false positives.
  • Fixed a crash during plugin shutdown
  • Tab overview mode is on by default.
  • Added unspoofable infobars. (Issue 57106)
  • Accelerometer data is more reliable.
Known Issues
  • Temporarily dropped support for building with system sqlite: (Issues 70589 and 22208)

More details about additional changes are available in the log of all revisions.

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Karen Grunberg
Google Chrome


Blogger REO said...

Oh, WOW! Version 11...

Win Vista/32 bit - lookin' good!

Thanks Google Dev Team! :)

4:08 PM, February 17, 2011  
Blogger ds.master said...

button to enter the cloud print is not working

4:16 PM, February 17, 2011  
Blogger nhnl said...

Some known issues:

Issue 72859: ClearBrowserData Overlay doesn't open via Shortcut/Menu/Wrench-Menu

Issue 73047: Settings: Left pane is visible only on mouse hover.

4:28 PM, February 17, 2011  
Blogger I like 2 bee Anonymous said...

Google is awesome!

5:39 PM, February 17, 2011  
Blogger Alen said...

Beside the stability fixes, is there any new features?

5:45 PM, February 17, 2011  
Blogger Matias said...

So... what's really new besides yet another V8 update?

5:55 PM, February 17, 2011  
Blogger Lanel said...

Chrome up to version 11 now :P

7:13 PM, February 17, 2011  
Blogger Joseph said...

Its appauling to see that once you install IE9 RC x64 that google chrome beta no longer works.

I don't suppose microsoft are trying to pull a fast one?

2:51 AM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger Sam said...

"Other bookmarks" disappears when empty. Nice :)

3:06 AM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger Arpit said...

it seems that CTRL + SHIFT + DEL command is not working with the Chrome dev 11.0.672.2.
The command opens chrome://settings/clearBrowserDataOverlay, while it should be chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

3:54 AM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger Doug said...

is it just me, or lately has very Google Chrome dev upgrade/update "broken" flash player?

5:18 AM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger Diego said...

sync doesn't work for me.since the previous doesn't sync every time i add or edit any bookmarks, only when i close and reopen the browser.. it doesn't sync the theme too..anyway..

6:24 AM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger Cakalaky said...

If you have dual monitors, Chrome will not open your extensions correctly. Check out this issue

6:26 AM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger Jay said...

When is the Print Preview coming?

6:59 AM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger Fabio_Rulez said...

@Jay: hopefully on chrome 12.

8:31 AM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger CL said...


8:32 AM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger HR said...

Extensions don't open in dual monitors. This makes me want to cry.

12:04 PM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger kokoagb said...

Looks like instant for keyword searches doesn't work anymore. At least for me. Am I missing something?

2:03 PM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger Mark Demver said...

Nice work Dev team for chrome 11
Synce work 100% another 2 thumbs UP!!

8:28 PM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger  said...

The update is a shit

10:36 PM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger Chestiiutile said...

Is crashing if a enter on :|
i take restart and another crash ..and another...

12:20 AM, February 20, 2011  
Blogger Per128 said...

New bug in this version: Can't drag-drop the current site to the bookmarks bar. Win7 64. Thanks for toggling "other bookmarks" finally. There's no logical reason for it to be there in the first place. There's no clear distinction between Bookmarks and "Other" Bookmarks. Might as well have Extensions and "Other" extensions, etc.

6:45 AM, February 20, 2011  
Blogger Renta said...

On this version not working flash player (64 bit Windows 7). It always give message "Install flash-player".

11:18 AM, February 20, 2011  
Blogger bt said...

^You may have it on "Block all".

Try going to Options>Under the hood>content settings>plugins> and checking "Run automatically".

11:34 AM, February 20, 2011  
Blogger danijel2006 said...

i don't get how to disable tab scroll... when I click on some tab usualy I won't to scroll page - not tabs... now I must first click on the page to scroll

12:07 PM, February 20, 2011  
Blogger Alen said...

How much faster is the javascript now?

12:42 PM, February 20, 2011  
Blogger Complex said...

Flash Player can't work on Windows7 64-bit.

10:09 PM, February 20, 2011  
Blogger MM said...

What happened to the "Verbatim" option for Instant? I don't see it in about:flags anymore.

10:53 PM, February 20, 2011  
Blogger - Justin said...

Not getting any javascript... iPlayer says it's disabled, but i know it's not :L

7:53 AM, February 21, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crash when I enter on

Mac OS X 10.6.6.

11:37 AM, February 21, 2011  
Blogger kennymoody said...

Flash always suddenly dead !

9:43 AM, February 23, 2011  
Blogger Diego said...

if you "remove synced data on google dashboard" you can't sync nothing after this.i had to use another account to make sync works.

10:24 AM, February 23, 2011  
Blogger Roberto said...

searches' keyword doesn't work anymore?

5:35 AM, February 24, 2011  
Blogger Chris Jones said...

Print Preview has been an open issue and tagged for nearly every "next" milestone since 5. We're at 11. I'm wondering if it's ever going to actually happen. I'm getting tired of having to print nearly everything with Firefox because I can't control exactly which pages are going to appear and I can't see whether something is going to give me pages of some nearly empty frame instead of the content I want.

8:44 AM, February 24, 2011  
Blogger Sushubh said...

for some weird reason google android market would not open on this edition for me.

3:17 PM, February 24, 2011  
Blogger war59312 said...

Middle clicking on videos on causes the video to open in that tab instead of opening a new tab.

Seems to only be on Linux (running Ubuntu) though. Very annoying.

Was fine in previous dev build, so new bug in this build.

11:12 AM, February 25, 2011  
Blogger Seyss said...

The popups on the tabbed options page are disgusting.

Please make them like before, a new page appears, for example, below "Under the Hood" show "Content Settings" when its opened.

6:26 AM, February 26, 2011  
Blogger worawat said...

hey i like the default zoom. ;)

6:52 PM, February 27, 2011  
Blogger rex said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:59 PM, March 02, 2011  
Blogger rex said...

More power to google chrome I hope that they'll fix some issues, by the way for those who love google chrome check this out: the add blocking extension is now available, "Adblock Plus" and can be downloaded it here,
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11:05 PM, March 02, 2011  

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