Friday, October 18, 2013

Chrome Beta for Android Update

Chrome Beta for Android has been updated to 31.0.1650.29 and will be available in Google Play over the next few hours. This release has a number of crash and compatibility fixes. A partial list of changes in this build is available in the SVN revision log. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. More information about Chrome for Android is available on the Chrome site.

Jason Kersey
Google Chrome



Blogger Ian Peters said...

Easy zoom (double tap and drag up/down) is still inverted when compared to other Google apps (Maps and Plus). Other apps zoom in when dragging up, and out when dragging down. Chrome goes the other way, which means I'm constantly zooming the wrong way everywhere!

Please, please consider changing this back for consistency.

7:38 PM, October 18, 2013  
Blogger Colton Walker said...

Isn't this the exact same version number that was released on the 13th?

Regardless, the devs continue to ignore the major issues with Chrome for Android, instead focusing on totally unimportant things.

Fix the speed on tablets, lighten the RAM load —the UX needs a MASSIVE improvement. I'm embarrassed that there is no solid browser from the provider of my Nexus 10 tablet. EVEN INTERNET EXPLORER for Windows 8/8 Pro is multiple times better!

9:46 PM, October 18, 2013  
Blogger Prem Suraj said...

Why is the version number the same as the previous update?

12:01 AM, October 19, 2013  
Blogger Jeremy Smith said...

Just wanted to reiterate what Ian said. Please consider flipping the double tap to zoom back to the direction of maps. It's incredibly frustrating when the direction is different from app to app. Thanks chrome team!

1:24 AM, October 19, 2013  
Blogger coth said...

No x86 build again.

3:28 AM, October 19, 2013  
Blogger Adriaaaaan said...

Rendering is still broken it stops drawing to the screen after a few seconds. Galaxy nexus 4.3 stock. I couldn't even wrote this comment before it broke had to use dolphin.

3:51 AM, October 19, 2013  
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10:03 PM, October 19, 2013  
Blogger W.A.R said...

Since this new update, chrome turned useless. I opening the browser, but seconds later it crashes.

I tryed uninstall, reboot my device ( a galaxy note 10.1) and nothing works.

12:16 AM, October 20, 2013  
Blogger Werner said...


I have the same CRASH! The ANR is occurring in my Galaxy Nexus as well as Nexus 10!

Is any update ongoing? What is the forecast?



8:19 AM, October 20, 2013  
Blogger Edson Macedo said...

I've exactly the same crash issue. It has something to be with the daylight saving time. Some people in Chile have reported this issue after the beginning of the daylight saving time. Today, the same bug occurred here in Brazil. Waiting for a new release with this bug fixed.

8:33 AM, October 20, 2013  
Blogger Gabriel Mello Serrão said...

Last night, with the beginning daylight saving time, the APP start to crash suddenly in Brazik. I had to do a downgrade in my chrome to write this.

11:32 AM, October 20, 2013  
Blogger Sizzers said...

Blogger coth said...
No x86 build again.

And yet on the Store it says it's compatible

I've been quietly impressed with the .11 version but now I'm beginning to feel neglescted.

12:39 PM, October 20, 2013  
Blogger coth said...

how can you be impressed with 1650.11 when it has broken UI and scrolling shutters as hell...

6:40 PM, October 20, 2013  
Blogger coth said...


6:41 PM, October 20, 2013  
Blogger Sizzers said...

I actually find it works very well on my XT890: generally it's very smooth and very quick.

8:48 PM, October 20, 2013  
Blogger coth said...

Phone version works little smoother.Just has excessive causing excessive heating. But tablet version is unusable. On Z2560 it lags, stutters, swaps etc. Even Nexus 10 is not able to hand it properly.

3:30 PM, October 21, 2013  
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