Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stable Channel Update

The Stable Channel has been updated to 33.0.1750.117 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Security Fixes and Rewards

This update includes 28 security fixes. Below, we highlight fixes that were either contributed by external researchers or particularly interesting. Please see the Chromium security page for more information.

[$2000][334897] High CVE-2013-6652: Issue with relative paths in Windows sandbox named pipe policy. Credit to tyranid.
[$1000][331790] High CVE-2013-6653: Use-after-free related to web contents. Credit to Khalil Zhani.
[$3000][333176] High CVE-2013-6654: Bad cast in SVG. Credit to TheShow3511.
[$3000][293534] High CVE-2013-6655: Use-after-free in layout. Credit to cloudfuzzer.
[$500][331725] High CVE-2013-6656: Information leak in XSS auditor. Credit to NeexEmil.
[$1000][331060] Medium CVE-2013-6657: Information leak in XSS auditor. Credit to NeexEmil.
[$2000][322891] Medium CVE-2013-6658: Use-after-free in layout. Credit to cloudfuzzer.
[$1000][306959] Medium CVE-2013-6659: Issue with certificates validation in TLS handshake. Credit to Antoine Delignat-Lavaud and Karthikeyan Bhargavan from Prosecco, Inria Paris.

[332579] Low CVE-2013-6660: Information leak in drag and drop. Credit to bishopjeffreys.

As usual, our ongoing internal security work responsible for a wide range of fixes:
  • [344876] Low-High CVE-2013-6661: Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives. Of these, seven are fixes for issues that could have allowed for sandbox escapes from compromised renderers.
Many of the above bugs were detected using AddressSanitizer.

General Announcements

Google Chrome Frame has been retired, please read our June 2013 Chromium blog post for additional details and background.

This release fixes a number of crashes and other bugs. A full list of changes is available in the SVN log. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug.
Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome



Blogger nope. said...

Worst release ever. Here's why:
You removed the capacity to disable the Google API integration.

I can now no-longer customize chrome to fit my needs. Instead, chrome has been customized to fit the needs of "everyone else" but me. At least give me the OPTION.

8:35 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger LoBiancoFamily said...

Stable Channel Release states 33.0.1750.117, but the Google Chrome and Chrome Frame binaries footprints are actually 33.0.1750.112

8:43 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Karapetyan Levon said...

Every time I open browser it show popup about developer mode extensions and highlights icons of such extensions. How can I get rid of the popup and highlight?
And is there a way to bring back the old NTP with "recently closed" menu?

8:52 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Sam Scott said...

Hi Anthony...What were the changes to/from the .115 version that appeared briefly in the Linux Chrome repos last night?

9:01 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Nick Jorge said...

Did something change with this update that would make it more bandwidth-intensive than previous updates. I noticed a slowdown on our school Internet access, and it turned out to be a bandwidth crunch as all of our workstations were attempting to download Chrome updates simultaneously. We've never noticed any issues with past Chrome releases, but it was bad enough this time that I had to resort to disabling Chrome update via GPO on our workstations, instead relying on a third-party utility to push out Chrome updates from a central server so that less WAN bandwidth is used.

9:32 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger seeker said...

I do not know but may be its me only that scrolling in chrome is too fast. Other browsers behave normally but chrome don't. It could be a bug or something else I don't know but this behavior is keeping me from using chrome and may be for good now that you have disabled API configuration as someone had already mentioned. Very clever of you. But you know some people do not like to be forced into accepting stuff they don't like. So good luck to you!

9:33 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger BB said...

New tab page is horrible and no way to get the old one. I will stay with chrome 32 for some times and then firefox...

F*CK YOU google for forcing users to swallow your useless crap new features. Soon chrome will be bloatware for retards like norton antivirus is !

9:50 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Cicero Devnus said...

So, what about these feature?

lost in your dev process?

10:07 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Danicela said...

How do you make to get the 'Recently closed tabs' at the bottom of the screen instead of the menu, like previously?

10:11 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Manuel Kaloghlian said...

Hey Google when the hell are you guys going to move Chrome to 64 bit? So much crap but not 64 bit?

10:26 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger - said...

Umm why did you have to destroy the new tab page AGAIN? Jesus Christ we have omnibox for searching, we don't need half a page sized Google logo and a search bar when I can just type my search to the omnibox. And now by shortcuts on new tab page are super small. Time to jump back to Firefox I guess unless this gets reverted.

10:34 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger BB said...

Chrome devs think all chrome users are tards, so they turn chrome into a giant tard turd !
Just switch to Firefox and enjoy an advanced browser YET user friendly.

11:08 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger bswarm said...

Fonts are screwed up, as in awful, on some websites. Even if I change the font, they are the same messy fonts only on some websites, one example is

11:21 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Gérard T said...

Bye bye Chrome,
I hate that is being imposed me things... you talk about security, I believe you think money instead, because the security would you advise people by informing them, and not by imposing your views.
A wise Hi,.

11:25 AM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Gammaskorn said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:02 PM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger David C. said...

The new tab page is completely redundant and stupid. Does Google not get enough search queries from the Omnibox that I already use for everything. No need for a huge pointless search field in the middle of my new tab page. That's not a problem until the facilities to undo the change are removed completely. Seriously, I have to wonder where the logic is in these pointless changes, get it together Google, I am one Chrome update away from jumping ship to Firefox.

2:06 PM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Daniel Barry said...

This is terrible. Disabled the ability to disable this horrendous new tab page... GIVE ME MY APPS PAGE BACK BITCH! I don't want to click on an app to open my list of apps- that's why I had them on my new tab page.

2:59 PM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Albert said...

Please give me back the old "New Tab" page. With the latest release, I cannot disable the new one anymore, which is highly annoying. I want my apps as a "New Tab" page, not the big Google logo, which - as the others have stated already - is completely redundant to the omni box.

I had to install the extension "New Tab Redirect" and set it to chrome://apps/ as a workaround. But this is much slower than before.

Please revert this.

3:37 PM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Gabriel Lima said...

When i say it, i think that i'm speaking for all chrome users: He hate this new tab page! Give us back the option to disable it!

5:42 PM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Zabulon said...

Like everyone else said, I hate this new tab page.
Before it was possible to disable the redundant, annoying, intrusive Google search box. Now its not.
I will literally never use this box, but I use my tab shortcuts all the time, and this makes it more difficult to do so.
Honestly, if you don't fix this soon I'm moving to Maxthon. Or Firefox

7:51 PM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Rottweiler said...

Aside from what others have mentioned, I find incredibly absurd that Chrome forces the update on me even if I'm not using Chrome anymore, I switched back to Firefox after the incredibly flawed update to v32, its really annoying, I'm working as usual, having several programs open and suddenly, everything slows, I open the task manager and I find out that Chrome is updating, eating up to 60% CPU usage even if I haven't used Chrome for weeks. Damn, even Windows lets you turn off automatic updates. I'm about to completely uninstall Chrome, seriously, updates full of bugs and no control over when to install them. No, just no.

8:03 PM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger mde said...

One of the main reasons I use Chrome exclusively, is because I was able to set my new-tab page as my apps list. Now that functionality is completely gone and I have to click on "apps" first. This is stupid. I don't want my recently accessed pages. I don't want ANOTHER search bar on my page (what's the point of an omnibox AND a search field?). At least previously we could disable the new new-tab page. But this is just silly. Fix it, Google, or I'm switching to FF.

9:15 PM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger krazzy said...


9:37 PM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Harpreet Singh said...

Google is entering the next phase...Doom's phase. What made them think that new forced Tab page will help users in any manner. This is the worst google product ever. Atleast they should have provided the option to change the new tab page. So that every user can customise it as per their taste and requirement.

10:04 PM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger musafir said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:20 PM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Nick Exikanas said...

Google, why take away my option to have apps on my new tabs? You've lost me. Uninstall Chrome, complete. Firefox install, complete. Ciao.

11:11 PM, February 20, 2014  
Blogger Muthu Vijay said...

Switch to "TORCH BROWSER" similar chrome browser with customization

1:43 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Terrasque said...

In response to the removal of the functional new tab interface and subsequent reduction of the everyday user experience I'd like to make this statement:

You guys are dicks.

Sincerely, one of your first Chrome adopters.

2:16 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Loni Brown said...

at least give os the option to "pin" us the favorited sites one the new tap page. :(

2:35 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Vincent Sontohartono said...

Like so many people here, I also object to getting rid of the old new tab function. I understand defaulting to simplified options for the digital illiterate, but by actively getting rid of options, you're forcing more experienced users to other, more customizable browsers. In other words, you're actively chasing users away.

2:58 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Laurent I said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:45 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Laurent I said...

As almost everyone, i want to be free and set the new tab i want !
2 omniboxes on the same page is omni-one too much !

(i recall something about a soda...)

3:46 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger SagePtr said...

After update, Google Chrome is MANURE. Where is my Custom.css? Now I'm forced to use Stylish extension (which not always load before webpage), because you guys had cut it away! Oh screw you, even Internet Explorer 5 supports custom CSS out-of-box! It's great downgrade. Another downgrade is big search bar in new tab page. What a hell? I type search query to omnibox, why will somebody even change focus and type to search bar? Had you even tried this on 1024x600 screen resolution? It don't fit display! And why fonts in Google Chrome Webstore are so blurry?

3:49 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger SagePtr said...

New Tab is now like a dog with five paws.

3:57 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Juliano Dapper said...

Install this extension

Set chrome://apps/ on Location

5:21 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Milad Mostavi said...

Form are broken now. Please fix it asap.

Chrome on Windows is just wrong for not using Windows' native font API.

5:26 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Oleg Pilipenok said...

I hate new Google Search Box on new tab page! It was possible to disable it but now it is not.

Please, add option to choose between new and old views.

5:29 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Jkerr said...

PLEASE Has anyone found out how to go back to the old style? This is awful, I want my links to be the size they were and I don't need an additional search box. Why are they doing this to us? Don't they care what their customers think? Not a customer much longer...

5:58 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Matthias Faeth said...

Thanks but NO thanks. This is really annoying. Bring back the option to hide recent pages from the new tab page.

6:00 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Emily Wall said...

Install this extension

Set chrome://apps/ on Location

Thanks to Juliano Dapper!! This works!!

6:34 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger A.J. Ellis said...

I agree with the aforementioned new tab page comments. I thought it was dumb that it was forced in the first place, but I put up with it since it was possible to disable it. Now, however, that is no longer an option.

My hope is that this problem will be addressed--after all, Google has, traditionally, had a user-first design strategy. Until at least the option comes back, I won't be able to recommend Chrome as a browser, due to lack of user control.

Please, quit making us type with boxing gloves. We're not Strongbad. We're just annoyed.

6:38 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Gregory Morisse said...

Give me my old "new tab" page back! What the hell!?

7:24 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger wef43f34gf said...

After updating from 32 to 33, I found that the trick of returning to the old "New Tab Page" doesn't work anymore. In addition, the custom.css seems unworkable. I tried to change the websites' background from white to a softer color in order to make my eyes comfortable. Now, I'm sick of not having this feature available in 33.

7:41 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Paula Palmer said...

Firefox here I come! I am so sick of google changing to browser updates that are not user friendly. I used to use igoogle and they got rid of it. Now they can’t leave well enough alone with google chrome. They have to go and mess it up for the users. With the now new tab I can’t even find my remote desk top. Done with the guessing games with google.

7:55 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger BB said...

Chrome team, you FAIL!

7:55 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger mde said...

Thanks to Juliano Dapper! This extension lets you customize the new-tab page! Chrome://apps/

7:59 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Sang said...

Chrome new tab look like shit !

8:36 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Herr Mann said...

Now that you got that out of the way, can you prevent Chrome from crashing when I receive messages with the Google Hangouts extension? That would be really useful.

8:36 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Paula Palmer said...

Do not like the NEW TAB REDIRECT.

8:51 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Oddmoonlight said...

I don't need the second box for searching stuff on the internet when the address doubles as a search bar in the first place. my most used tabs are now half their size, I can't easily open recently closed tabs. News for you guys if the tabs I just closed usually down at the bottom of my history page cause I keep going through multiple pages in just 1 tab. Give us back the option for disabling this thing already!

10:18 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger LoBiancoFamily said...

We checked with the Google Stable Release Channel (Prod Binaries), and Google Chrome Frame 33.0.1750.117 is vapor. When we downloaded the Stable Release Channel yesterday (02/20/2014), Google Chrome Frame binary was 33.0.1750.112. Google staged Beta Binaries under the Stable Release Channel. When we went to Stable Release Channel today, the Google Chrome Frame Version available for download is 32.0.1700.107. Is this the last version of Google Chrome Frame?

10:35 AM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Unknown said...

This has removed the option to disable API integration and thus the option to opt-out of the new tab page redesign from August 2013. This is really unhelpful - the redesigned new tab page is far less usable and its new feature (the large search box) just duplicates the function of the omnibar. Please, if you're not willing to reverse the redesign, restore the opt-out.

12:54 PM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Vanp said...

Thanks for the update .. it really changed the way I use the browser .. I have no words to describe how useful this new update is for me .. Just would like to say a big thank you for adding that bull shit to the new tab page .. your new update SUCKS ..

1:08 PM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Jason Mickelson said...

Good bye Chrome. Worse update ever and being mum as usual on the complaints in this release is it.

2:04 PM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger bswarm said...

Bad font rendering in Linux, had to switch to Chromium to get readable font.

2:43 PM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Victor Alberto Gil said...

Thank you, I can now get rid of that horrendous new tab page.
Juliano Dapper said...
Install this extension

Set chrome://apps/ on Location

2:55 PM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Ram said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4:13 PM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Yps Kangaroo said...

what are u guys complaining about the new tab thing? who found this useful ever? there are extensions which do a way better job and they are still working.

4:53 PM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Stormwind said...

I didn't like the big search box in the middle of the page when you first rolled it out. I don't like it now and am not likely to ever like it. That search box is not useful to me. I have always been a huge fan of the omnibox/address/search. I don't need a big Google search button taking up valuable real estate. I have old eyes. Making my most visited pages so tiny when I am using a tablet or a netbook makes those unusable for me. Why would you make this change and eliminate any options to disable it? How things can be customized to my needs is important to me. You're making it clear that you don't care about the customer experience- only the dollars and getting your name out there. That's exactly the way that you become the previous flavor of the day- at least as far as browsers.

5:38 PM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Tom said...

33 versions of Chrome and they still can't render fonts properly on Windows. The new tab page has been ruined. It takes about 2 seconds for it to load the REDUNDANT search box. Whoever is running the Chrome team these days needs to be fired.

7:43 PM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger None said...


All Chrome Users

10:40 PM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger casey pons said...

Thank You, Juliano Dapper with your advice of;

Set chrome://apps/ on Location.

That said, this really seems, from a users perspective, as I, that this is a very poorly initiated, planned and released software update. Why be in so much of a hurry to release this after beta testing had to have been very hastily received to get so many negative reviews. Google was so (clutterless) and simple, to the point. That is why I am here...
Please don't make me leave because you have strayed from the herd, Google!!!

11:19 PM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger Ali Ahmed said...

TERRIBLE new tab page! Bring back the old "new tab" with apps and why remove the "other devices" option from the new tab page?! SERIOUSLY! Read the comments from your users

11:41 PM, February 21, 2014  
Blogger wpg4665 said...

Please remove the "new" New Tab Page. It is utterly useless and a waste of time and resources to install an extension for functionality that used to work with no issue!

2:56 AM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger Dominic George said...

Like so many others.. I put in my disgust too.

Give us the option to switch back to the old tab page layout. I seriously HATE the new tab page UI.

3:16 AM, February 22, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I made a userscript to bring back some of old functionality to new tab

4:44 AM, February 22, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously? I'm STILL getting checkerboard scrolling patterns on most websites, new tabs open so slow, the spinning loading animation on tabs is now clunky and laggy, Sites are loading in chunks instead of smooth pages, everything is all around sluggish now. Please bring back the option to disable GPU compositing on all pages, that was my knight in shining armor. Please listen. This will by your last chance from me to keep this browser.

4:45 AM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger Dron said...

I was using last good version of Google: 31.0.1650.63
But your autoupdate cannot be switched off so new version appeared and I rolledback them just replacing chrome.exe with old one. All other files sit in 31.0.1650.63 directory.

But with 33.0.1750.117 when I switch to old version I get the message that I cannot use that profile because it was created in newer version of Chrome. Probably new version converted some files to new format. I don't have backups. What can I do now? I cannot use new Chrome versions. They are ugly. Do I have to switch to another browser?

4:53 AM, February 22, 2014  
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5:49 AM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger Termy said...

why the hell did you remove the possiblity to jump back to the "old" USEFULL "new tab" page??

i just want to access the recently closed tabs and the tabs from other machines conveniently, not by having to click around a dozend times in useless menues...

why on earth would you destroy something that works so well and replace it with something completely stupid? WHY?

at least give us the possiblity back to switch to a proper new tab page...

7:21 AM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger pureocean said...

I tried just now this new build.

* Still CPU using very high...
* Still new scrollbars replace classic of Windows...
* Still text selecting highlight color "#328efd"...

Therefore, I back again to M31.

Congratulations Google Chrome Developers! All of you lend credence to "Worst release ever" comments.

Meanwhile you converting as redirecting last version replacing direct link of M31 stable version (

But you forgot this link:

Immediately, you should do the same this link. So, everyone always forced to last version!

Well done Google Chrome Team! Every release more and more is going excellent.
Please continue to think that everyone compelled to using Chrome.
All of you be wise after the leaves the users...

7:22 AM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger Piven said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:27 AM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger eSVau said...

So, i've got an useless redundant search field, taking half of the space.
Do get a stamp size speed dial.

And what really pisses me off, no longer do have the option to restore a recently closed tab

Well, no thx at all for this unneccessary change


8:47 AM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger Samuel Lima said...

Uma bosta essa barra de pesquisa na nova aba.

9:07 AM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger جعفريات said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:10 AM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger Samuel Lima said...

Firefox users will have many returning if that's homepage search bar can not be removed.

9:11 AM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger جعفريات said...

I don't care about the new (new tab page) or the old one, because I am using the Empty New Tab Page extension since my first day with Chrome!

9:13 AM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger alexl said...

addEventListener('display') on my google desktop notifications stopped working.

10:41 AM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger Michelle Benes said...

I agree with this commenter and all the others like it: Worst release ever. Here's why:
You removed the capacity to disable the Google API integration.

I can now no-longer customize chrome to fit my needs. Instead, chrome has been customized to fit the needs of "everyone else" but me. At least give me the OPTION.

10:58 AM, February 22, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll post again with a possible answer. I'm on an older machine as a lot of others are too in this office. I used to disable GPU compositing on all the google chrome's across all computers and now the option is gone. we cannot function anymore. Maybe this can help. We are all using windows 7 home premium 64bit Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset, which is old yes but workable until recently. Here is a screenshot of some bad things i noticed. I used to get full acceleration on chrome 31.

It is important that you add back the option to disable GPU compositing for us older intel integrated users.

12:50 PM, February 22, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For people who don't like that recently closed tabs are no longer accessible from the new tab page, note that a "Recent Tabs" settings menu item has been added. It also shows your tabs from other devices if you have any.

3:25 PM, February 22, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those that hate the New Tab Page that Google so opted to change again; I use a third party New Tab Page. It is completely customizable and you can put apps on the page as well. It can be downloaded from the play store at the following address.

10:51 PM, February 22, 2014  
Blogger tilkov said...

Still having problems with youtube flash video not being hardware accelerated since last release. 100% CPU usage in Chrome, 13% in Firefox with the same 1080 video. Windows 7-64, NVidia GTS 250

2:00 AM, February 23, 2014  
Blogger Mark said...

I agree - altering the new tab page was stupid, and the new presentation is awful.

I believe Chrome is now slower and performs poorer than it did at V31 or 32.

I had been toying with the idea of a Chromebook, but this update to Chrome has put the kibosh on that.

5:28 AM, February 23, 2014  
Blogger Criss Moon said...

Absolutely Ridiculous released ever. Google Chrome is getting sucks. I just kicked it from my computer.

8:37 AM, February 23, 2014  
Blogger Vlad N. said...

After removing the option to tile the tabs in a previous release, you now removed the bottom down preview of link adresses. Why would you do that?

I aso guess Google must prepared to be sued in a competition case for the new tab just like Microsoft was over Internet Explorer.

10:47 AM, February 23, 2014  
Blogger Ray Zilla said...

Wow 33.0.1750.117 on Linux Mint 16 is terribly slow. Pages freeze, video freezes. I echo the sentiments about the new tab page. Fortunately Mint Software Center still had Chromium version 32, so I installed that and will stay with that until Chrome is fixed.

1:47 PM, February 23, 2014  
Blogger borboleta de fogo said...

to fix this, revert back to the old version; security: get an antivirus;

go to the folder of Chrome Find the folder of version 33, make a copy of it just in case, go to the folder of 32, copy it's contents to the original 33 folder and your old chrome is back, PLUS no update will work till you restore the backed up folder.

But the NTP and the COSTUM CSS will work fine.

1:52 PM, February 23, 2014  
Blogger Promentis said...

Not a developer, but since Chrome updated automatically last night I have not been able to open any web pages with this new version. I get a "connecting..." message in the status bar when I try to access any page, including Eventually times out and gives me the unable to connect page.

Where can I find the previous release? Windows 8.

6:20 PM, February 23, 2014  
Blogger sd said...

Kudos to the new start page, I hate the omni search and I want the apps tab hidden from view !

12:24 AM, February 24, 2014  
Blogger Murat Tansu said...

New home page sucks.. I will not use Chrome until they change it back.. Bye for now..

12:49 AM, February 24, 2014  
Blogger Murat Tansu said...

Just used Chrome the last time to download Firefox and it's quite good and my start page is back.. Who ever at Chrome insisted to force us users to use the new page is stupid.. :)

1:15 AM, February 24, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Who was that idiot who decided to hide Apps view from "New tab". Please fire him!

And bring back "Old new tab" view with apps on it.

4:42 AM, February 24, 2014  
Blogger Carole Webster said...

hate hate hate the fact that we can no longer revert to the previous new tabs home page. I don't want need or require a huge search bar right in the middle of the screen which means that my tabs are tiny and half hidden.
Please bring back the option

8:54 AM, February 24, 2014  
Blogger Jason Mickelson said...

Worst update ever. Goodbye Google Chrome. You might want to read these responses on this release but I suspect you, Google, will not. Such a shame.

11:40 AM, February 24, 2014  
Blogger ayb see said...

Why can't you leave it alone!
It wasn't broke so don't fix it!
Are you trying to justify your jobs? by constantly tinkering with something that was fine before you f..cked with it.Put it back.

12:48 PM, February 24, 2014  
Blogger Leontine said...

I like the concept of choice, so please give me back my choice to Opt-out and with that the choice to go back to my old longer list of closed tabs...

2:46 PM, February 24, 2014  
Blogger Matthew Mickelsen said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:21 PM, February 24, 2014  
Blogger Joe said...


What the fuck are you people doing?

"Ooo...What's that? Firefox, is that you?"

6:22 PM, February 24, 2014  
Blogger guilllo said...

In my case about 10% of pages don't load properly anymore (full blank page or half the css loaded). I've removed Chrome, reinstalled, tried a new profile, nothing works. If I go to the URL bar and type enter it works. If I refresh (command+R or through livereload), it doesn't work. Used to work until a couple of days ago.

8:31 PM, February 24, 2014  
Blogger Calab said...

What happened? Now my TextArea tags will not render until the tag is closed... How is this supposed to work on a slow/dynamically updated page?

I *CANNOT* use Chrome with this change.

12:15 AM, February 25, 2014  
Blogger Unknown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:40 AM, February 25, 2014  
Blogger Ray Zilla said...

Install Chrome App "New Tab Redirect" as a workaround that allows you to configure new tab to be the apps page.

I fixed my other problems on Linux Mint 16 by deleting my .config/google-chrome folder and rebuilding my chrome default profile.

4:07 PM, February 25, 2014  
Blogger robin hood said...

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11:57 PM, February 25, 2014  
Blogger JohnnyB said...

Since the version 33 update, Chrome has been slow and unresponsive. Pages don't load fully or load very slowly. The browser stops functioning until a tab fully loads.
Running Windows 7 Pro 64bit, 8GB RAM, 3.3GHZ quad core cpu....

6:35 AM, February 26, 2014  
Blogger Ugnaught said...

I haven't adobe flash installed so I've not tried it on IE8 but for me on XP Pentium 4
Chrome Version 33.0.1750.117 m
Chrome gets 99% CPU and then when i try firefox which uses HTML5 it also gets very high CPU

I thought perhaps the high CPU happened since the latest Chrome update a couple of days ago but then if my firefox (which only uses HTML5) also has the issue then perhaps not?

I did notice though when I used youtube i did get a bell symbol appear in my system tray if that had anything to do with it. But I don't know how to get the bell symbol to appear again despite clicking on the youtube notifications symbol which also has a bell.

4:37 PM, February 26, 2014  
Blogger Ugnaught said...

I haven't adobe flash installed so I've not tried it on IE8 but for me on XP Pentium 4
Chrome Version 33.0.1750.117 m
Chrome gets 99% CPU and then when i try firefox which uses HTML5 it also gets very high CPU

I thought perhaps the high CPU happened since the latest Chrome update a couple of days ago but then if my firefox (which only uses HTML5) also has the issue then perhaps not?

I did notice though when I used youtube i did get a bell symbol appear in my system tray if that had anything to do with it. But I don't know how to get the bell symbol to appear again despite clicking on the youtube notifications symbol which also has a bell.

4:41 PM, February 26, 2014  
Blogger Chris McSweeny said...

This release has broken Chrome on Vista for me (and none of Beta/Dev/Canary work either, so the future isn't looking promising). Did this even get tested on Vista?

(posted from Firefox, because Chrome won't even work well enough for me to post comments here)

2:42 AM, February 28, 2014  
Blogger Ilianna Kli said...

I really hope someone from chrome will read my comment (and that someone has to have a brain too, otherwise s/he is useless)and listen to what normal people have to say.
With the new update and the change in the new tab you might have some company profit, BUT you lose your users. When you practically FORCE people to have something they DON'T LIKE NOR WANT, you make them angry. Within their anger they may (and some have already done so) change their web browser and before they run out of anger they will have already gotten used to the other browser and never again return to chrome. For example in my school we use internet explorer and not chrome.
Making your OWN COSTUMERS DISSATISFIED isn't exactly company politics. People see how much you don't care for their opinion and you loose them.
If you just "google-around" about the new tab update and read people's comments, people's FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS you will realize (hopefully) how much many don't only don't like it but hate it (I know bad english here...).
Anyone with less than half a brain can figure out that the company is self-destructing right now by the way it acts.
Consider people's opinion before doing something, allow people to choose and RESPECT them, before you loose them forever, not many will sit around and continue using chrome when they are furious.
I know I'm not great with words but I really hope you will consider what I wrote and at least give us back the option to dis-enable the new update.
Generally it would be great and it would win a whole lot of many people over if you ASKED before updating our 'computers'. This way you will show that you are considering our feelings and thoughts, that you DO RESPECT us and we WILL respect you back and use you, but if you don't why should we?
I have long now stop using facebook for the same reason. It didn't ask anymore before changing my stuff and that just drove me mad (along with the changes). Truthfully speaking I'm not going to stop using chrome right now, but I only need one more stupid unchangeable update to make me forever stop using it, even deleting it from my pc. I would even prefer to use explorer than chrome right now.
Please CONSIDER US, the ones who are just people but still have feelings and preferences.
I would really loved to have a way to disable the new new-tab, please make one. Thank you for reading this (however I'm really cursing you if you read this and do nothing about our problems).

8:29 AM, February 28, 2014  
Blogger Ugnaught said...

I have found a way to play videos in a browser (chrome or firefox) that does make the CPU usage go to 99%. I thought I'd look for HTML5 on sites other than youtube and discovered (after forgetting) the VLC webplugin
For example click on this video

10:33 AM, February 28, 2014  
Blogger Ilianna Kli said...

Listen everyone! I found a way to restore old version of new-tab!

All you need to do is to follow those simple instructions:
1. Go to chrome web store.
2. Type "New Tab Redirect!" (without the " ").
3. Download the first extension called so (New Tab Redirect, by Jim Schubert (that's the one I have)).
4. Once the download is complete type "chrome://apps" (without the " ") in the bar that asks you which page you want as new-tab.
5. Press Save and it's done!

I know it isn't exactly removing the new version and restoring the previous one, BUT it is the best I could find out-there.
The only drawback is that it takes just a tad slower to open but still it's fast.
Anyway I hope I helped you guys and you can be happy by keeping the old new-tab (the new one sucks) :)
Have a good day :)

4:57 AM, March 01, 2014  
Blogger Ramesses Meryamun said...

The new chrome is sluggish and often non-responsive. Not Google's finest hour.

6:24 AM, March 01, 2014  
Blogger said...

Graphics Feature Status
Canvas: Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable
3D CSS: Hardware accelerated
Compositing: Hardware accelerated on all pages and threaded
CSS Animation: Accelerated and threaded
Flash 3D: Unavailable. Hardware acceleration unavailable
Flash Stage3D: Unavailable. Hardware acceleration unavailable
Flash Stage3D Baseline profile: Unavailable. Hardware acceleration unavailable
Video: Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable
Video Decode: Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable
Video Encode: Hardware accelerated
WebGL: Hardware accelerated
Driver Bug Workarounds
Problems Detected
Accelerated 2d canvas is unstable in Linux at the moment
Disabled Features: accelerated_2d_canvas
Stage3D is not supported on Linux: 129848
Disabled Features: flash_stage3d
Accelerated video decode is unavailable on Mac and Linux: 137247, 133828
Disabled Features: accelerated_video_decode
NVIDIA linux drivers are unstable when using multiple Open GL contexts and with low memory: 145600
Disabled Features: flash_stage3d, accelerated_video_decode, accelerated_video, flash_3d
glGenerateMipmap leaks vram without setting texture filters on some drivers
Applied Workarounds: set_texture_filter_before_generating_mipmap
glReadPixels incorrectly sets alpha to 0 on some drivers from a drawing buffer without alpha channel
Applied Workarounds: clear_alpha_in_readpixels
Always call glUseProgram after a successful link to avoid a driver bug
Applied Workarounds: use_current_program_after_successful_link
Program link fails in NVIDIA Linux if gl_Position is not set: 286468
Applied Workarounds: init_gl_position_in_vertex_shader
Clear uniforms before first program use on all platforms: 124764
Applied Workarounds: clear_uniforms_before_first_program_use

7:21 AM, March 02, 2014  
Blogger said...

Google should develop a browser that work! This is not acceptable especially when Lightspark works! Microsoft has been crapping on about its HPFS that was dumped in 1998 by its developers cause it was crap only to have micro$oft buy it out and call it their own and sell it to the world..give me a break and and dump flash, develop ur own shit ...mate!!!

7:26 AM, March 02, 2014  
Blogger borboleta de fogo said...

Muhahahahahahaha, My trick prevents ya from upgrading my chrome.

12:15 PM, March 03, 2014  

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