Friday, March 6, 2009 has Over 150 Bug Fixes, new version of V8 and WebKit Merges

Udpate: We didn't point out that the 'New window in profile' option has been removed. We want to take this feature back to the drawing board before releasing it. The experimental feature is still available by starting Google Chrome with the --enable-udd-profiles switch.

Google Chrome's Dev channel has been updated to The highlights for this week:
    • New
      • NTLM auth without automatic logon (Issues 6567, 6824)
      • Remote Desktop and Vista Theme changes now work nicely
      • New French and Polish dictionaries
      • Better support for PAC files and use of V8 to process them (use --proxy-resolver-v8 to try)
    • Fixes
      • More improvements to full screen mode
      • Many crash and stability fixes
    • Known Issues
      • Issue 5127: Ctrl-T accelerator for a new tab does not select Omnibox
      • Issue 8438: Browser hangs if history page shows after clearing history
      • Issue 8456: History tab search tab eats every alternate clicks
      • Issue 8453: Regression: about:network dialog shows up behind current Chrome window
      • Issue 8479: Javascript alerts don't work in New Tab Page.
      • Issue 8437: Cannot switch to background Chrome window with modal dialog open
      • Issue 8412: Copying most visited page screenshot and selecting paste and go causes crash
      • Issue 8399: Bookmarking a page not reflected on history page when open
      • Issue 8318: "Exit Full Screen" link does nothing
      • Issue 8372: Background paint issues with Task manager in maximized mode.
      • Issue 8345: Browser crash on "Remove/Remove All' of passwords
      • Issue 8289: Drag drop of bookmark from IE/FF crashes tab and then loads the page
      • Issue 8071: Javascript debugger doesn't come up for constrained windows
      • Issue 8040: Zoom is broken in [New Tab]
      • Issue 8016: Fonts and Languages Tab is truncated.
      • Issue 7920: Ctrl+Shift+T should not undo SSL Error page !

    Find about the Dev channel and how to subscribe at

    Release Notes:
    • [r10197]Add support to ProxyService for downloading a PAC script on behalf of the ProxyResolver. A ProxyResolver can select this new behavior by subclassing ProxyResolver with does_fetch = false. A consequence of this change is that proxy resolve requests are maintained in a queue by ProxyService (rather than implicitly in a queue on the PAC thread's message loop). This simplifies cancellation.This solves issue 7461, and is work-in-progress towards {2764, 74}BUG=7461 (Issue: 7461)
    • [r10240]Update French dictionary files. (Issue: 7745)
    • [r10284]Updated Polish dictionary from (Issue: 7745)
    • [r10294]Fixing 8010: Missing options from Options dlg. (Issue: 8010)
    • [r10308]We allow Flash to popup windows in response to user gesture messages like WM_LBUTTONUP, etc. However (Issue: 7850)
    • [r10316]This make accelerators work in interstitial pages. (Issue: 7056)
    • [r10337]Fix system menu positioning a bit. In Aero glass, the maximized mode menu was going offscreen by one pixel, causing Windows to reposition it strangely. In both frames, the vertical offset below the tabstrip needed a bit of tweaking. (Issue: 7927)
    • [r10338]Allow JS Debugger shortcut to work in fullscreen mode, since there's no reason not to. (Issue: 8023)
    • [r10359]Force the browser to restored mode before going fullscreen, since Windows doesn't seem to want to hide the taskbar for maximized windows regardless of their dimensions. (Issue: 7997)
    • [r10372]Update animations in fullscreen mode to prevent stuck throbbers. (Issue: 8031)
    • [r10382]Set pan cursor hotspots to center (Issue: 6173)
    • [r10431]Fix fullscreen mode opacity issues on Aero glass. We need to not extend the glass into the client area at all in fullscreen mode or text over it becomes semitransparent. (Issue: 8066)
    • [r10456]Fixes Issue 7377: Regression: Omnibox trims URL ending with 0x85 (Issue: 7377)
    • [r10476]Do not map virtual keycodes (VK_0 - VK_9) to characters when accelerators in the UI. (Issues: 8043, 7444)
    • [r10502]Makes it so windows opened from links in Windows Live Messenger cause the window to appear instead of being invisible. (Issue: 3126)
    • [r10565]An attempt at fixing a crasher reported from the field. (Issue: 5549)
    • [r10585]Issue 7318: Popup Titlebar Appears Under Windows Taskbar (Issue: 7318)
    • [r10586]A fix for Issue 4400 (or maybe 4222). (Issue: 4400)
    • [r10631]Fix 8200: Pressing Esc should cancel dialogs, not commit. (Issue: 8200)
    • [r10636]When we open a popup window from an app window, we used to identify this popup window as an app too. (Issue: 5739)
    • [r10663]Workaround for webkit change that broke Gears. The fix is to use a V8 (Issue: 8209)
    • [r10667]Implement the NTLM authentication scheme by porting (Issues: 6567, 6824)
    • [r10773]Resolve crash when deleting history by preventing the deleter from being called multiple times. We need to add UI to make what's happening clearer to the user, but this gets us over the hump for now. Also change the history page to queue deletions.Allow history search from the new tab page.Make history title inclusion safer (createTextNode changes).Show starred status on history page.BUG=8214,8163,8271,8284 (Issues: 8214, 8284, 8271, 8163)
    • [r10777]Make it so that dropdown selects don't deactivate the main frame when opened (Issue: 8247)
    • [r10787]Fix a crash when installing plugins. (Issue: 8087)
    • [r10824]Implement the PAC js-binding for "myIpAddress()". (Issue: 2764)
    • [r10827]Add a command line flag --v8-proxy-resolver, to select the new PAC implementation. (Issues: 2764, 74)
    • [r10843]Fix error being thrown in isInNet() PAC js. (Issue: 2764)
    • [r10845]Make Chromium windows not hide auto-hide taskbars. (Issue: 20)
    • [r10862]Make New Tab Page work correctly in incognito mode (8294) (Issues: 8271, 8282, 8294)
    • [r10863]* Make the download page focus the input field onload.* Fix spacing between controls (Pause/Cancel).* Help deblock download UI creation (timeout in downloads.html, kMaxDownloads in* Allow resume for paused downloads (Issues: 8270, 8271, 8130, 8330)
    • [r10864]Show icons for exe files in download manager. Issue was that the paths were coming in with the wrong slash direction and escaping, which was OK for non-exes, but strangely bad for exes. (Issue: 8327)
    • [r10887]Update v8 to version containing a fix for a crash bug in new
    • [r10888]Update V8 again to get a crash fix and a regexp fix.
    • [r10960]Ensure that we display a sad face for a windowed plugin when the plugin process crashes. This was a regression introduced by creating the plugin parent on the browser UI thread, which remains valid when the plugin process crashes. (Issue: 7673)
    • [r10962]Fix a crash in chrome.exe caused by the external tab container instance getting destroyed without (Issue: 1688967)
    Jonathan Conradt
    Engineering Program Manager



    Blogger DChiuch said...

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    7:59 PM, March 06, 2009  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    8:53 PM, March 06, 2009  
    Blogger MK said...

    I hope this means a 2.x Beta build soon. Beta track hasn't had a featureful update in months, ever since the Dev track was introduced :(

    In fact, if you exclude bugfixes (which also go to Stable), Beta hasn't gotten any updates since then. I might as well be on Stable.

    Then again, maybe I should just switch to the Dev track, if it's bugging me so much. That would make sense.

    9:52 PM, March 06, 2009  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What was the '.167 all about then? We got '.168 directly.

    9:53 PM, March 06, 2009  
    Blogger Red said...

    The download page used to include the time left for the downloads, but this version only has a %. Can we have both?

    10:19 PM, March 06, 2009  
    Blogger PRASHANT said...

    I am unable to update my Google Dev channel from to gives me an error saying : Update server unavailable:error 7.Is anyone facing this problem?

    1:40 AM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Vellknown said...

    I just upgraded to 168.0 and I notice that gmail does not load properly. The labels and chat window that I chose to have it on the right side is enlarged thus making the gmail inbox thin. I have posted a big on this but I wanted to check if anyone else is facing the same problem!

    1:42 AM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Daniel said...

    scroll wheel click no longer closes the tab if it's the last tab.

    When opening chrome, or a new tab, the cursor focus is no longer in address bar so we can start typing.

    Using win7 beta.

    2:33 AM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Blewby said...

    Print Selection is still grayed out. Why do we have to open another browser to print a selection?

    However Chrome is my browser of choice in that is a simple, NON-Bloated layout and is quite FAST!

    5:25 AM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger gsctt said...

    Forgot to apply the label "Dev update" on this post. =P

    8:36 AM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger PALS said...

    That is good even though i have had a hard time searching for tutorial in upgrading version 1 to version 2. :)

    9:17 AM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Melnar Tilromen said...

    You know, a used Chrome from it's beginning.
    In first version and then, when I came to beta-channel after long time of work in browser my comp turn off, and I see blue screen, with error message. Here is the photo of the screen:

    This NEVER happens if I use Firefox or Opera. This NEVER happens at all, but only when I use Chrome...
    I don't know fix you this or not, I just want you to know about this problem.
    Temporarily, for this reason, I use Firefox.

    9:30 AM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Richard said...

    Anyone else that can't open links in a new tab with middle click anymore?

    9:56 AM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Californian said...

    Yipee! You fixed the upload problem and the extension problem found in Windows 7 64 bit! That was the best update ever! Thank you so much. It's actually noticeably faster now too.

    11:15 AM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Revanth said...

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    2:36 PM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Revanth said...

    When visiting on Windows 7 x64, the tab freezes and Flash has a huge memory leak. Just keeps eating up RAM until the tab is force closed. Can this get fixed soon?

    2:38 PM, March 07, 2009  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I really don't like the new Downloads page. The download rate is not converted into a reasonable unit (like KB/MB), there is no longer a graphic representation as to how much of the download is completed, and we can no longer remove past downloads from the list. Put it back to the way it was, please!

    7:54 PM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Vellknown said...

    Anybody facing problem with loading gmail on chrome???

    9:54 PM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Aleš said...

    I have some problems.
    I can´t exit form full screen by clicking to exit.
    When I open new tab, there is no cursor at address line and I can´t type.
    I don´t like new download page, because there is not transfer rate. Old download page was better.

    9:57 PM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Mehdy said...


    On New Tab, The focus does not set to Address Bar. REALLY DISTURBING, I used to it. Please Fix it ASAP.

    10:09 PM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Vellknown said...

    I second Ales and Mehdy...I hope google will be able to fix these ASAP

    10:42 PM, March 07, 2009  
    Blogger Craig said...

    new download page is horrible

    no kb/s or mb/s transfer rate

    3:01 AM, March 08, 2009  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Where are the browser profiles??? I dont have it now!

    7:00 AM, March 08, 2009  
    Blogger Deian said...

    I hope too that google fix new tab, focus on address bar was a really good thing!! and the downloads page not usefull at all .. the speed is hard to understand. hope the fix will come soon. using win 7. Deian,

    8:28 AM, March 08, 2009  
    Blogger PRASHANT said...

    I am unable to update Chrome Dev channel from to give me the follwing message:Update server unvailable:error 7. Also after i get this message if i try to update then it gives the message saying:
    Google chrome is up to date(

    10:23 AM, March 08, 2009  
    Blogger The Bear Took My Stain said...

    With regards to the importing of settings from previous browsers, is there any plans to include importing from Apple Safari?

    12:46 PM, March 08, 2009  
    Blogger Revanth said...

    Better cookie management please. Chrome needs the feature to create an exceptions list for cookies. I want to be able to specifically allow/block cookies from certain sites rather than using the arbitrary options for allow all, first-party only, or none.

    3:33 PM, March 08, 2009  
    Blogger Carlo/Carlo At Your Service Productions said...

    I'm new to Chrome and I'm using it right now. Was using Firefox, but I found that it freezes up too much. I say ... Chrome's got it goin' on! Thanks Matt Cutts!

    8:23 PM, March 08, 2009  
    Blogger adam said...

    I have chrome, but now, i can no longer drag links and my favorites to the tab bar to make a new tab, now I have to right click things, is this a bug, or on purpose, because i miss it...

    10:44 PM, March 08, 2009  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Anyone getting the browser profiles?

    10:58 PM, March 08, 2009  
    Blogger MK said...

    You have to use a command-line switch to access profiles now. (Revision 10432)

    Looks like the flag is:

    2:13 AM, March 09, 2009  
    Blogger San said...

    1. Searching in address bar doesn't work
    2. And Issue 5127: Ctrl-T accelerator for a new tab does not select Omnibox
    It's very annoying.

    I understand it's dev environment but still please have atleast basic usability ready. I don't mind once in a while some website doesn't work. I just switch to IE for those.

    But thing that you use quite frequently is very annoying.

    Also we are not getting dev on a strict weekly schedule already so we won't mind if it comes few days late but with more fixes than known issues.

    I mean if you guys already know the issue. Why it couldn't be fixed before releasing the dev channel too

    11:35 AM, March 09, 2009  
    Blogger Soul Survivor said...



    4:51 PM, March 09, 2009  
    Blogger Mark Larson (Google) said...

    re: profiles
    It's an oversight that we didn't mention removing this feature.

    You can still enable it with --enable-udd-profiles as MK points out.

    I've put an update on the posting.

    5:17 PM, March 09, 2009  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...




    2:04 AM, March 20, 2009  
    Blogger SapphirePhoenix™ said...

    "adam: I have chrome, but now, i can no longer drag links and my favorites to the tab bar to make a new tab, now I have to right click things, is this a bug, or on purpose, because i miss it...

    10:44 PM, March 08, 2009"

    i have the same problem as adam. i miss that! and the new download page is indeed bad. the old one was just fine, why change it?

    8:21 AM, March 21, 2009  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    12:25 AM, March 24, 2009  

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