Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dev Channel Update

The Dev channel has been updated to 9.0.587.0 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame

  • GPU Related Fixes
  • Crash Fixes
  • Instant Fixes
  • [r65953] Move click-to-play to about:flags. (Issue: 62091)
More details about additional changes are available in the svn log of all revision.

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome



Blogger Manish said...

IE 9 PP#7 seems to have better JavaScript performance then Chrome 8 Beta I hope that next beta/stable will beat that number.. Also is there any plan to include IE 9 and FF 4 in the "Other browsers tested" field while a new bug is raised?

5:00 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger People said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5:14 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger slipstream said...

This build also includes

* the new design for Task manager on Windows (Issue 63140).
* the new Software incompatibility detection system aka the about:conflicts page (Issue 60119)

5:23 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger Neo said...

"Open Link in Incognito Window" STILL does not work. Nothing happens with attempting to open links in a web page and from the bookmarks bar. Confirmed Mac 10.6.5.

5:27 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger Mike said...

Milestone 9 and there is still no native smooth scrolling. That's what we call "modern browsing experience".

5:42 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger Daniel said...

Feels much faster. Great release Chrome team!

Now, if only we could get cloud print and chromoting features up and running, along with apps, that'd be awesome!

5:43 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger slipstream said...


This is already fixed on trunk, just a bit later than this dev update was cut.

9.0.587.0 dev = Build 66374, while the fix was included in 66457 (Issue 62022).

5:57 PM, November 18, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This update has been incredibly snappy so far.

6:02 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger REO said...

So far, so good...

Win Vista/32 bit

8:02 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger 江添亮 said...

After updated to this version.
I find flash player does not work at all.

I checked about:plugins to make sure flash is enabled. It is enabled.

10:06 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger nhnl said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:07 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger Luboš Motl said...

My Windows media player plugin suddenly fails - can't be activated, doesn't play anything!

Check e.g. this video page that would play ice-hockey...

11:38 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger Nicholas said...

I just had a BSOD... I just updated chrome, so i think the two are related, not cool. never fear I'll be back as soon as the next version of dev is out, going back to regular chrome for now.

windows7 x64, the bsod said something about dxg..dll so maybe it has something to do with gpu rendering?

@SoreGums if you want the memory dump file etc...

11:40 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger ichigo said...

All my flash player also showed miss plug-in, I can't watch any flash site, plz fix it as soon as possible.

1:32 AM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger ichigo said...

The flash player miss plug-in also happened on Canary Build 9.0.583.0

1:35 AM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger ADMIN said...

GPU acceleration slowed down incredibly. I use xp sp3. the results of the ie9 test drive, have dropped IE9 10fps.

1:35 AM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger Norbert said...

Now I almost can't use Chrome anymore: it freezes after a few minutes of normal usage on 2 different PCs (Vista 64bit and Win7).

And then on startup afterwards it also just hangs very often :-(

Good chance to check out IE 9 or Firefox 4, until the next dev release...

4:22 AM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger Kurtextrem said...

Everytime i open Dev Tools it crashes. Without About:Flags things enabled & no switches ....
This bug is nasty !

4:46 AM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger Recep Baltaş said...

I can no longer attch files to gmail mails.

5:54 AM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger Göran Axel said...

Disabling about:flags (GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D) made it possible to use Dev 9.0.587.0 for Windows again...

7:09 AM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger Benny said... is not working anymore.

Nearly all tests on don`t work...

7:24 AM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger bsee said...

Like many others, I find flash content does not play. Except, not all of it is broken, but the main content is. For example, on flash games, the trailer will play, but the main game just shows a black screen.

7:27 AM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger Greg said...

Having alot of problems with extensions not opening properly when clicking on them. Instead one sees a narrow sliver of a vertial scroll bar.

7:43 AM, November 19, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Google chrome going to support MathML?

8:14 AM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger Seven said...

Ever since this update, Google Chrome Dev locks up whenever IE9 Beta is run. To free it, I have to force close both applications.

12:25 PM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger Alan said...

I've got the same problem as Greg above with the narrow sliver, specifically with the AdBlock extension, but only (I think) on Ubuntu - Windows and Mac OS X seem to be ok.

Another Ubuntu-only problem which has just appeared with the 9.0.587.0 dev version that I installed this morning - only noticed on although there may be others - large fonts don't display properly. With the default font sizes, only the first letter of the headline of the top news story (which is in a larger font that the other headlines) appears, the rest is blank. By hitting ctrl- to shrink the text, the problem disappears. Again, only affecting Ubuntu, not Windows and not Mac OS X; and only this version of GC, never seen before.

12:41 PM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger pigbrother said...

1. The new build seems to mess up Windows 7 volume mixer, the Mute settings does not remains checked in a new session
2. I reinstall this build form scrath and the password sync feature is now gone, it worked before the reinstall

12:56 PM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger Handycam said...

Works great here on 10,6,5

5:01 PM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger Piotr said...

The problem of plug failure: Shockwave Installer Slim
But this right Flash Player

Here the problem of failure ShockWare insetall slim but it is exclusive
C: \ Documents and Settings \ nick \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Google \ Chrome \ Application \ 9.0.587.0 \ gcswf32.dll

Name: Shockwave Flash
Description: Shockwave Flash 10.1 R103
Version: 10,1,103,20
Why is this new version are the problem by install shockwave problem

Try to install version here uses

Name: Shockwave Flash
Description: Shockwave Flash 10.1 r102
Version: 10,1,102,64
Priority: 11
Location: C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ Macromed \ Flash \ NPSWF32.dll
already is ok no problem no crashes Shockwave

12:52 AM, November 20, 2010  
Blogger mtygringo said...

I need to close Chrome before my ThinkPad will go into standby. Also, Excel attachments open very very slowly from Outlook 2007. Everything seems to return to normal once Chrome is closed. Both of these issues started with this release.

4:50 PM, November 20, 2010  
Blogger Fernando FerSoft said...

No good version, dont show videos in or


4:06 AM, November 21, 2010  
Blogger REO said...

Acid Test on Win Vista/32 bit

Still a little fubar.

8:31 PM, November 21, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Google Chrome support MathML?

1:54 AM, November 22, 2010  
Blogger ADMIN said...

Firefox is rendering the site even faster. How do I rate this chrome.

2:35 AM, November 22, 2010  
Blogger H.F.Kais said...

I con't attach files to gmail mails, too. and any more web sites, too. I hate file upload error!

7:37 AM, November 22, 2010  
Blogger Thib said...

Flash player does not work for some content either... No problem for Youtube videos but contents such as games are not displayed (Black screen)

1:45 PM, November 22, 2010  
Blogger David said...

I am having the same issue as Thib. Youtube works, but Hulu does not. Also, the flash settings manager thing doesn't work for me. I'm going to downgrade to the latest beta or stable release to see if that fixes it.

1:53 PM, November 22, 2010  
Blogger Alok T said...

Fonts on some pages look blurry and small.
Win 7 . All features in about:flags enabled. (for e.g. visit for blurry font)

4:31 AM, November 24, 2010  
Blogger Stuee said...

@David - I fixed this issue by setting Chrome.exe to run as administrator.
All the content that wouldn't work before now works, as does the settings applet thing.

Hope this helps :-)

4:55 AM, November 24, 2010  
Blogger dbone said...

flash manager wouldnt let me set local storage options....after pandora didnt work, and told me i had to enable local flash storage

i restarted chrome and for some reason pandora worked again...odd

4:55 AM, November 24, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have trouble with the Flash 10,1,103,20.
It is always crash, but can work in YouTube....

If I change to 10,1,102,64, there is no problem. Now I cam play Flash game and watch

6:46 AM, November 24, 2010  
Blogger Maverick said...

I get BSOD sometimes and other times Chrome freezes when on flash websites such as youtube

8:24 AM, November 24, 2010  
Blogger jjoseph said...

Confirmed @Stuee if you run as administrator all of the Flash problems go away. Thanks!!

10:19 AM, November 24, 2010  
Blogger Katjica said...

White flashes on reloading the page or scrolling down. Annoying! I've noticed the same problem with earlier dev versions (I personally didn't have this problem before).

Using Chrome for Mac

12:03 AM, November 25, 2010  
Blogger goliva said...

On this build the flash player is failing
As reported by several people above.
I simply had to disable the build in flash (gcswf32.dll) , to work again, probably this will be fixed on the next release

Flash (2 files) - Version:
Shockwave Flash 10.1 r102
Name: Shockwave Flash
Description: Shockwave Flash 10.1 r103
Version: 10,1,103,20
Priority: 2
Location: C:\......\gcswf32.dll
MIME types:
MIME type Description File extensions
application/x-shockwave-flash Adobe Flash movie .swf
application/futuresplash FutureSplash movie .spl

Name: Shockwave Flash
Description: Shockwave Flash 10.1 r102
Version: 10,1,102,64
Priority: 23
Location: C:\........Flash\NPSWF32.dll
MIME types:
MIME type Description File extensions
application/x-shockwave-flash Adobe Flash movie .swf
application/futuresplash FutureSplash movie .spl

8:18 AM, November 25, 2010  
Blogger lemur said...

multiple rundll32.exe left behind after exit.

9:25 AM, November 27, 2010  
Blogger mtygringo said...

I agree with the multiple rundll32.exe issue. I believe that may be part of the problem why my laptop will not standby while chrome is running.

4:51 PM, November 27, 2010  
Blogger Michael Tan said...

I can no longer attch files to gmail mails.

1:21 AM, November 28, 2010  
Blogger Spoaller said...

Lots of crashes, lots of weird errors. Flash Player doing badly. And another weird Chinese error, don't know where that comes from.

1:49 AM, November 29, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9.0.587.0 dev
Pandora error - "The Flash local storage is currently disabled and must be enabled to use Pandora." when loading page.

Chrome built-in flash player not compatible?

10:30 AM, November 29, 2010  

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