Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beta Channel Update

The Beta channel has been updated to 9.0.597.44 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame.

Flash Player sandboxing has been temporarily moved behind a flag --enable-flash-sandbox.

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome



Blogger a9l8e7n said...

Anyone know why it was moved behind a flag? I hope it is moved out of flag before the final release.

4:31 PM, January 05, 2011  
Blogger Life Bringer said...

Don't know, but I hate the fact that enterprise policy for plugins syncs to all of your synced accounts. I can't run half of my plugins, including built in flash (forced to use shockwave plugin).

4:34 PM, January 05, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was moved as part of an attempt to track down some stability problems.

6:19 PM, January 05, 2011  
Blogger LuboŇ° Motl said...

I think it was moved because of Issue 63429 - Flash is hanging Chrome for some of us. Unfortunately, in my case, it is doing so in all four combinations of disabling sandboxing and built-in Flash.

12:10 AM, January 06, 2011  
Blogger Marco said...

but where is side tabs option? it isn't in about:flags

4:06 AM, January 06, 2011  

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