Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chrome Beta for Android Update

The Chrome team is excited to announce the promotion of Chrome 28 to the Beta channel. Chrome for Android 28.0.1500.21 contains a number of new improvements including:
  • Google Translate: When you come across a page written in a language that isn't in the same language as your phone or tablet, look for the translation bar
  • Fullscreen on tablets: Simply scroll the page to dismiss the toolbar
  • Support for fullscreen API 
  • New graph showing your estimated bandwidth savings when you use the experimental data compression feature
  • Mobile friendly error pages
A partial list of changes in this build is available in the SVN revision log. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. More information about Chrome for Android is available on the Chrome site.

Jason Kersey
Google Chrome



Blogger Matt said...

Still nothing on this?

2:46 PM, May 23, 2013  
Blogger Sterling said...

YAS!! Full screen browsing!

This is how full screen browsing should also work on the desktop, show the Omnibox and the rest when the user quickly scrolls to the top.

Thanks! :-)

PS Please so fix the zoomed in issue.

2:50 PM, May 23, 2013  
Blogger Aaron Sentell said...

I am so proud of Google for bringing the release schedule for Android in line with the release schedule for Windows. :)

2:59 PM, May 23, 2013  
Blogger scorpeeon said...

Does this have Blink?

4:11 PM, May 23, 2013  
Blogger Joseph said...

I'm trying with my test site, but the browser exits spontaneously if I enable webRTC, a few seconds after I call getUserMedia with mandatory audio/video constraints (it doesn't get beyond that point). My app works fine on 27.0.1453.90.

5:18 PM, May 23, 2013  
Blogger Nims said...

Good updates! Works superbly on my Nexus 7. On my GS3 on the other hand, I find it rather surprising that nobody has noticed there is no support for long pressing the back-page button because...there is no back page button on the GS3 at the top left of the browser.

6:36 PM, May 23, 2013  
Blogger Kevin Hollowed said...

Please plead please add the option to close all tabs on the nexus 7. Please! :-)

9:07 PM, May 23, 2013  
Blogger Shanoah Alkire said...

I hadn't actually realised hiding the tabs when scrolling up the browser was considered a feature and had been looking to report a bug that made the browser fairly unusable for me. Please add an option to turn fullscreen browsing off. I've reverted to stable for the moment.

7:19 AM, May 25, 2013  
Blogger Adam Keefe said...

Can Google please add the option to move the omnibox to the bottom of the screen for the android chrome build? It would be so much easier to reach since these phones are so bug now. Why not make this an option? Anyone have an opinion or any insight?

7:27 AM, May 25, 2013  
Blogger Dani said...

Suggestions visible when typing the beginning of an address in the omnibar are way worse.
Did anyone else notice?

Already visited domains don't appear as suggestions when typing the first letters.

12:55 PM, May 25, 2013  
Blogger sylas11 said...

Having the address and tab bars always visible was one of the most important fetures in Chrome for me. Now its gone... And there is no option (and I guess it will never be) to leave these bars always visible as previously... One of the advantages of having a big screen on the tablet is a possibility to have everything visible and easy accessible, unfortunately you broke this - now I have to scroll page up to access the bars...

2:49 PM, May 25, 2013  
Blogger Adam Keefe said...

I like that chrome is being updated, but I think it's important that they make these changes a setting option. It should be up to the user to enable or disable the full screen browsing. Same goes for my request to add an option to move the omnibox to the bottom. Options to implement new features should keep everyone happy.

5:17 AM, May 26, 2013  
Blogger cedric said...

With this update I can't play videos on a lot of sites (asks for flash or an html5 compatible browser...)

12:06 AM, May 27, 2013  
Blogger Unknown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:14 AM, May 31, 2013  
Blogger Unknown said...

Full screen should be made an option. I much prefer having the address bar visible at all times.

8:18 AM, May 31, 2013  

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