Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chrome for Android Update

The Chrome team is excited to announce the promotion of Chrome 28 to the Stable channel. Chrome for Android 28.0.1500.64 contains a number of new features including:
  • Google Translate - When reading web pages in other languages, Chrome will automatically detect and offer to translate them to your language
  • Fullscreen on tablets - Similar to phones, simply scroll down the page and the toolbar will disappear.
  • New user interface for right-to-left (RTL) languages - An optimized interface for RTL languages including Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew
  • Plenty of stability and performance fixes
A partial list of changes in this build is available in the SVN revision log. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. More information about Chrome for Android is available on the Chrome site.

Jason Kersey
Google Chrome



Blogger 梅嘉伦 said...

Nexus 4 is still chrome 27 ?
can't find an update on play store

7:12 PM, July 10, 2013  
Blogger Migman said...

HTC One havent update!

9:09 PM, July 10, 2013  
Blogger Cosmic said...

Still no update to version 28 for nexus 4

11:52 PM, July 10, 2013  
Blogger CLAVDIVS CAESAR said...

I really, truly wish they would add an option to disable full screen browsing. It should never have been rolled out without one. My tablet's display is large enough that I don't need the extra half-inch of screen space, and it adds an extra step to changing tabs. Considering how frequently I open and switch between multiple tabs, Chrome for Android is now much more frustrating to use.

12:28 AM, July 11, 2013  
Blogger Rafael Hilário said...

I tried updating Google Chrome 28 stable for android on Google Play and there is no recent update. Sure that the final version was released in the store?

6:02 AM, July 11, 2013  
Blogger schmolch said...

Caesar you can also switch between tabs by swiping into the screen from the right or left.

10:26 AM, July 11, 2013  
Blogger George Mihaescu said...

On Asus Padfone 2 it has a very annoying bug: on several sites (BBC news, NY Review of Books) every second it hides then shows again that page's top menu resulting in the page content shifting up then back down. Makes it unusable for me.

9:26 PM, July 11, 2013  
Blogger Patrik said...

I was stupid enough to have auto update turned on, so now I have version 28 installed and the f-ing address and tab bar keeps dissapearing which annoys the hell out of me. Where can I download the previous version!?

6:21 AM, July 12, 2013  
Blogger Linus Morell said...

Please dont run translate as default!! DISTURBING as hell! Better there's a button in menu to translate thw whole page :)

6:25 PM, July 12, 2013  
Blogger John Kerbaugh said...

Not a fan of the auto hide tabs and address bar on my tablet please put in settings to turn off.

8:51 PM, July 13, 2013  
Blogger Musa Kocaman said...

Türkiye'nin ve dünyanın her yerine tatil fırsatları planınızı yapabilirsiniz.

5:03 AM, July 15, 2013  
Blogger เกรียนเทพ ดี อันลิมิเตด said...

I don't need this on my tablet. Another thing is that it causes a bug on my Note 8.0. There's a white space at the bottom of the page every time my keyboard pop up. This also makes all the links on the page shift down to where it should be thus the page is unusable for me.

9:46 AM, July 17, 2013  
Blogger sheila 77 said...

I agree with Patrik, this is extremely annoying, can we have an option to turn it off, please?

4:57 AM, July 18, 2013  
Blogger CLAVDIVS CAESAR said...

Interestingly, it seems to have stopped doing it. Did they release a minor update to remove the full screen feature, or am I the "victim" of a fortunate bug? ;)

12:45 PM, July 18, 2013  

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