Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS

The Stable channel has been updated to 37.0.2062.120 (Platform version:  5978.98.0) for all Chrome OS devices except Acer C7 Chromebook, Samsung Chromebook Series 5, HP Pavilion Chromebook, Asus Chromebox and Samsung Chromebox. This build contains an update for Adobe Flash as well as a number of bug fixes and security updates. Systems will be receiving updates over the next several days. Here is a list of Chromium changes. 

If you find new issues, please let us know by visiting our forum or filing a bug. Interested in switching channels? Find out how. You can submit feedback using ‘Report an issue...’ in the Chrome menu (3 horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the browser).

Josafat Garcia
Google Chrome

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Blogger Ajie Jatnika said...

finally, I think this is stable version of dev, all smooth and feaure find... work again

5:57 PM, September 16, 2014  
Blogger crazyzac said...

i had a Samsung Chromebook Series 5,
does it mean that my Samsung Chromebook Series 5 won't be update anymore?

9:31 PM, September 16, 2014  
Blogger Pavel said...

Why this list


didn't updated with 37.0.2062.120?

12:58 PM, September 17, 2014  
Blogger Alchemist said...

I am doing browser testing in my job. our customers still use the older versions of Chrome based on our report. I heard that if I test using the latest version, it will be sufficient and I don't need to test using the older versions. Is that a correct assumption?


1:36 PM, September 17, 2014  
Blogger hadi said...

chromebook suprise me wallpaper not auto changing.

11:52 PM, September 19, 2014  
Blogger Dennis Hilberg said...

The wallpapers do not auto-change for me as well, though it has been happening for some time. Not related to this release.

2:41 PM, September 21, 2014  

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