Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beta Channel Update for Chrome OS

The Beta channel has been updated to 39.0.2171.45(Platform version: 6310.28.0) for all Chrome OS devices except Asus Chromebox, Dell Chromebox and Samsung Chromebox. This build contains a number of bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements. Here  is a list of Chromium changes.
If you find new issues, please let us know by visiting our forum or filing a bug. Interested in switching channels? Find out how. You can submit feedback using ‘Report an issue...’ in the Chrome menu (3 horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the browser).

Josafat Garcia
Google Chrome

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Blogger Jose Romero said...

A list of a few notable changes would help a lot, instead of making us read every commit.

8:06 PM, October 30, 2014  
Blogger William Wragg said...

Yeah, I've wanted this for a while now. Just a list of the main updates would be great. Then we can delve into the commits if we want more fine grained detail.

12:35 AM, October 31, 2014  
Blogger dan smith said...


1:48 AM, October 31, 2014  
Blogger runner_scott said...


7:59 AM, October 31, 2014  
Blogger boothy_p said...

+ 10,000.

And can the chromeboxes possibly be updated at the same time as Chromebooks.
It's annoying for those of us you actually invested in your OS, to have machines lagging behind all the time!

8:46 AM, October 31, 2014  
Blogger M Smith said...

I agree with providing us with a simple list of updates made to Chrome OS each time.

7:42 PM, October 31, 2014  
Blogger Daniel Sharon said...


1:23 AM, November 02, 2014  
Blogger Ray890 said...

+Jose Romero Agreed.. I keep coming here only to post a comment about that here almost every time!

5:43 AM, November 03, 2014  
Blogger Tianxuan said...

Samsung ARM. All PDF show blank page.

7:24 PM, November 07, 2014  

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