Friday, March 13, 2015

Dev Channel Update for Chrome OS

The Dev channel has been updated to 42.0.2311.41 (Platform version: 6812.34.0) for all Chrome OS devices. This build contains a number of bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements. A list of changes can be found here.

If you find new issues, please let us know by visiting our forum or filing a bug. Interested in switching channels? Find out how. You can submit feedback using ‘Report an issue...’ in the Chrome menu (3 horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the browser).

Matthew Yuan
Google Chrome

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Blogger Andrew Arace said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:50 AM, March 16, 2015  
Blogger Andrew Arace said...

Tabs won't load all.
only workaround i've found (which sometimes works) is to launch things via "open in new window".
Can't type-enter a URL in any address bar

windows 8.1, x64

11:50 AM, March 16, 2015  
Blogger Flamepelt LeFlame said...

I really, really don't like this new design for Google Chrome. I loved it the way it was before, there I could switch apps and browsers with the flick of a finger. Now, I have to do even more just for something simple, and I dislike the idea of that. It sounds lazy, but trust me, it isn't. Overall, I think this update, no matter how "safe" or "liable" the browser may be now, it's just plain ew to me. I'd appreciate it if you'd change it back.

12:45 PM, March 16, 2015  
Blogger gmossin said...

I'm trying to install Google Chrome on a RDS Server. Until the new Version it works without any Problems. The new Version is trying to install but it won't finish the setup.

11:52 PM, March 16, 2015  

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