Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stable Channel Update

The stable channel has been updated to 41.0.2272.101 for Windows, Mac and Linux. A partial list of changes is available in the log.

Interested in switching release channels? Find out how. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug.

Penny MacNeil
Google Chrome



Blogger John said...

Hi all,

We have Chrome in our workplace updates have been locked down with group policy, (on version 40)HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Update "Update{8A69D345-D564-463C-AFF1-A69D9E530F96}" 0 found that this is not working now and we are being auto updated to 41, has something changed ?? Is there a new ADMX file and if so what settings we need to disable the updates.


9:22 PM, March 19, 2015  
Blogger Penny MacNeil said...

Hello John,

Did this only just start happening with 41.0.2272.101, or did you see this behaviour with M41 builds .89 and .76 as well over the last three weeks?

11:01 PM, March 19, 2015  
Blogger George Paschalidis said...

In Chrome 41, I can see a annoying delay when I open YouTube. Everything was perfect in Chrome 40 and this problem was found in 41, in all versions (.76 .89 and .101). Please, fix it!

3:30 AM, March 20, 2015  
Blogger xander1963 said...

Yes, that Youtube delay when you have to wait before you can type in the search is annoying indeed!

4:50 AM, March 20, 2015  
Blogger John said...


I'm pretty sure it started to happen about 3 weeks ago so probably with build .89, has anyone else having this problem?

1:34 AM, March 21, 2015  
Blogger Mike O'Brien said...

Everything on my acer C720p has slowed down since the last two updates on the "stable" channel. Especially opening "Files" or Drive.

11:28 AM, March 21, 2015  
Blogger East India said...

Yes, the auto-updating in the background has been an annoyingly persistent issue for our organisation as well in the last few builds.

That leads to frequent usage of bandwidth on a large scale thereby incurring heavy losses due to additional unnecessary data charges every week.

How we wish Google Chrome had an update On/Off switch just like every other essential software in existence. This issue has been there is a version 39 build as well.

We have finally accepted defeat and will begin to switch over to Mozilla Firefox or Chromium over this weekend.

Thank you Google Chrome.

12:13 PM, March 21, 2015  
Blogger Esther Williams Harris said...

Al of a sudden yesterday my Google Chrome browser stopped working. I installed and reinstalled. My Internet Explorer works though but I don't prefer it. I'm no longer sure that the issue is with my computer for I have done nothing different or unusual.

5:39 AM, March 22, 2015  
Blogger . said...

Guys, I still cannot log into! This is the 4th release of Chrome in which I cannot use MassDrop, Firefox works fine. Please check what's been broken since the last few releases.

Esther Williams Harris: yours could be a dirty profile. Let CCleaner (Google it) remove all the junk from your PC, then re-install Chrome. If it's still happening, it could be some spyware or virus silently blocking Chrome.

5:58 AM, March 22, 2015  
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7:16 PM, March 22, 2015  
Blogger Trey Bornmann said...

You should return to listing a higlight of changes in the blog posts. It was really useful. Just pointing to a highly technical change log is not easy (or even posiible) for the avaerage user to understand.

8:20 AM, March 23, 2015  
Blogger Unknown said...

I am having the same annoying delay on and the tab is crashing on constantly on the same domain. Nvr happened b4 chrome 41

10:07 AM, March 23, 2015  
Blogger jp56 said...

I am not a tech or programmer, and not extremely computer savvy, but I HATE google chrome Version 41.0.2272.101 m. This is the version listed when I click on the about button. I have shut off automatic updating, because when it was on, it updated to this version and I lost all my bookmarks. Also, I have been very annoyed by all the popups and ads, despite going to all the sites called ad choices and opting out of every one possible. My current pet peeve is the "side bar window" to the right when I open my emails. I keep minimizing it and every time I close and email it reopens. I cannot find anything in settings to permanently get rid of it. Also, at the very top of my email page inbox is a banner ad. It keeps changing every time I view then close an email. Again, no way I can shut this off, despite the opt outs for all ads, and even trying multilple pop up and ad blockers downloaded as google chrome extentions. I have run them individually and also all at the same time. What can be done about this?
Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1
HP Pavilion g7 Notebook
Intel Dual Core i3-2350m CPU
@2.30GHz - 2.30GHz
6.00GB RAM
64 Bit OS
Default Browser set to Google chrome Version 41.0.2272.101 m

12:14 PM, March 23, 2015  
Blogger Göran Axel said...


Sitting on build 41./.. ../.89 in corporate deploy via .msi with .mst:


No updates here.

3:48 PM, March 23, 2015  
Blogger Nishant Gupta said...

this update broke the "live js edit" feature.
Now on editing code and hitting CTRL + S, the code turns red, instead of the message "Recompilation and update succeeded" .

5:00 AM, March 24, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is some serious problem with hardware acceleration and/or flash. Eg. on this site: CPU goes at 55-60% when enabled, but only about 35% when disabled, which makes no sense

11:47 AM, March 24, 2015  
Blogger Rudy Padron said...

With this version we are having problems with an Windows Authenticated Intranet site.

Users running this version of Chrome are constantly being prompted to enter their Windows credentials.

This is was not occurring with version 40 of Chrome.

9:20 AM, March 25, 2015  
Blogger Magesh R said...

The recent release of the Chrome is not working with our application, the page is not getting loaded completely in Chrome. Rather the same page is working fine in all other browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari. Even the same page is working fine with the previous version of the Chrome browser.

10:59 AM, March 25, 2015  
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