Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS

The Stable channel has been updated to 69.0.3497.95 (Platform version: 10895.56.0) for most
Chrome OS devices. This build contains a number of bug fixes and security updates. Systems will
be receiving updates over the next several days.

New Features
  • Files app UI refresh with new support for accessing Play files 
  • Native support for Team Drives in Files app
  • Save Play app files directly to Files app via the share sheet
  • Run Linux apps on supported devices
  • Dictation into any text field, a new feature in accessibility settings
  • Power state alerts for Kiosk apps
  • Global text-to-speech settings
  • Night Light
  • Fast Access to Emojis
  • OOBE visual improvements
  • Swipe to close apps in Overview
  • Tablet mode behavior unification
  • Video capture service
Security Fixes
  • L1TF and Foreshadow Vulnerabilities
If you find new issues, please let us know by visiting our forum or filing a bug. Interested in switching channels? Find out how. You can submit feedback using ‘Report an issue...’ in the Chrome menu (3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of the browser).

Cindy Bayless

Google Chrome

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Blogger Hugo F said...

This update was release very fast!!! Nice

3:28 PM, September 18, 2018  
Blogger Toby D said...

Using a Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 (nautilus, Version 69.0.3497.95) but not seeing the Linux option. It's listed under supported, but...

4:27 PM, September 18, 2018  
Blogger Rajesh Shenoy said...


12:09 AM, September 19, 2018  
Blogger Michael Verdun Heath said...

Looks very nice, but seems incredibly unstable on Pixelbook

4:05 AM, September 19, 2018  
Blogger Alexander Richardt said...

Love the New Update, been waiting for Chrome OS 69 to come out!

6:12 AM, September 19, 2018  
Blogger Jhosman Lizarazo said...

And the ASUS C302 CAVE? :(

7:54 AM, September 19, 2018  
Blogger Mark Shellard said...

How does fast access to emoji's work?

9:17 AM, September 19, 2018  
Blogger Unknown said...

My MacBook Pro(old one) won't let me update chrome. Weird.

12:38 PM, September 19, 2018  
Blogger Unknown said...

still waiting for my laptop to get the update

12:50 PM, September 19, 2018  
Blogger Jonathan Bardi said...

Jhosman Lizarzo... I also have the ASUS C302, and I got the updated right away on the 18th when it was announced. We have 2 of them in the house and they are both running 69, so not sure why you are not seeing the update.

2:36 PM, September 19, 2018  
Blogger Steffen Bardolatzi said...

After this update the support for the internal microphone is totally broken. There is only a loud noise.

You *have to* use a headset to record sound or use Skye with the Chromebook! :-(

Acer Chromebook CBC-571
platform: 10895.56.0 (official build) stable-channel auron_yuna
firmware: Google_Auron_yuna.6301.59.116

Using the last firmware there was not such a serious issue.

7:02 PM, September 19, 2018  
Blogger Jhosman Lizarazo said...

Jonathan Bardi do you have in your Asus C302CA support with Linux Apps?

8:26 PM, September 19, 2018  
Blogger RealFitGuy said...

Updated on Windows 10. Super buggy so far. 50% of same page navigation button clicks do nothing. IE. navigating through Android Dev Docs, then clicking links to subsequent pages will go to the appropriate page, and the back button will return to the previous page at the location I was attempting to navigate to.

Here's some screenshots to illustrate:


1 initial page
2 notice url changed after clicking underlined internal page link.
3 clicked "Context" link
4 after Back button press. Notice url is same as screenshot 2.

11:46 PM, September 19, 2018  
Blogger Unknown said...

It wouldn't let me download it so I had to go to a website to get a download on my Mac to be able to get the chrome update.

4:18 AM, September 20, 2018  
Blogger Semirrhage said...

this update is bullshit, flash setting only stay current until is closed then reverts to asking every fucking time again. fuck you chrome i'm done with you until get your shit together

12:03 PM, September 20, 2018  
Blogger Bruce D Ranger said...

This page is for Chrome OS only, not for the Chrome Desktop on Windows and Mac.

3:54 PM, September 20, 2018  
Blogger Unknown said...

How long will it take for the update to come to all chromebooks?

6:27 AM, September 21, 2018  
Blogger Unknown said...

I have a lenovo chromebook 500e how long until I get the update?

11:19 AM, September 21, 2018  
Blogger Unknown said...

Ever since this update my computer keeps restarting thanks for sucking like always.

10:30 AM, September 22, 2018  
Blogger krys2fur said...

I have an ASUS C302 Flip and got the 69 update 3 days ago. I don't see the Linux App support in the settings and also all Android apps keep crashing including the Google Play Store app. Already tried a Power wash. Anyone else experiencing this? Incompatible with the M3 chip?

11:07 AM, September 22, 2018  
Blogger Muhammad Aizzad Amirudin said...

when gboard can be use by chrome os?

12:18 AM, September 23, 2018  
Blogger Rick said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:29 AM, September 23, 2018  
Blogger Daniel Eskildsen said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:05 AM, September 23, 2018  
Blogger Rod Trent said...

September 24...still waiting for the update. Running the Acer R13.

1:52 PM, September 24, 2018  
Blogger Juano said...

When will ARM based Chromebooks receive Chrome OS 69. It seems ARM based Chromebooks will not get the Linux app compatibility now.

5:05 PM, September 25, 2018  
Blogger Daniel Eskildsen said...

This is the most unstable stable release that i ever seen..Is not at all great more like a Dev Channel update than an Stable one..Terrible

12:55 AM, September 26, 2018  
Blogger Rod Trent said...

So...according to the complaints about this build looks like I should be happy I don't have it yet.

10:27 AM, September 26, 2018  
Blogger Mardy said...

This makes my Chromebook AsusC202S unusable. Android apps crash constantly, including the play store and settings. I see the message "Chrome didn't shut down properly. Browser reset and powerwash didn't help. I switched to the Beta channel and it fixed the problem, but the latest Beta version has problems of its own. An update can't come soon enough.

12:27 PM, September 26, 2018  
Blogger Smiley Joey said...

The update for Acer Chromebook R13 just came through.. just yet to test its buggy-ness.

2:56 PM, September 27, 2018  
Blogger Rick Smith said...

Not very happy with this update on Samsung Chromebook Plus. Unstable. System locks up with very few tabs open. Powerwashed (did not help). Can't wait for version 70.

7:49 PM, September 27, 2018  
Blogger Unknown said...

Are you like, planning to release this to the ASUS C213 or not?

10:08 AM, September 28, 2018  
Blogger John said...

I am very disappointed with this update, not to mention angry and sad. The Chromebase that I have been very happy with for the last few years has gone from a lightning device, ready to use from cold in seconds to a terrifying experience of "will it not get overloaded and crash this time or not"?
I've gone from three windows of around 40 tabs open to less than half that. On the day of the update it took me more than an hour of attempting to close tabs in a rush before crashes and struggling to root through and remove unneeded extensions in the hope that that would also help but even today, when I go to use it again it's sluggish and I've had more crashes.
It's reminiscent of the hellish Lollipop Android upgrade that knocked out a not that old tablet as entirely unusable for a year or so until I discovered custom community builds to bring it back from the dead. It is quite horrible how a single version jump adds such a demand on hardware that was perfectly fine previously.
I understand this version is not a good one at all so at least I am not alone. Hopefully this wonderful device is also not headed the way of the graveyard too; I'm not in the mood for being Frankenstein again anytime soon.

7:33 AM, September 29, 2018  
Blogger Unknown said...

I just bought the Acer Chromebook Spin 15 about 8 or 9 days ago. The first 3 or 4 days I was LOVING it. The screen is beautiful and large, and I love the convertible mode. Then one afternoon an update icon appeared in the notification bar, which I clicked, then I was required to reset my Chromebook and when it turned back on things would NEVER be the same. I can no longer use ANY apps or games that aren't made by Google. Every time I open an app or game the title screen appears, and as soon as I try using it the screen turns black, the apps closes and the Chrome browser opens up and an icon saying, "Restore Pages?", "Chrome didn't shut down correctly", even though I didn't even have Chrome opened prior to opening an app or game. Mind you, every app or game I've been trying to use came from the Play Store, were created by major companies such as EA, and most importantly were already installed on my Chromebook and were working flawlessly for the 4 days prior to the most recent update. I really didn't want to return this Chromebook because I love it, and I know the problem isn't with Acer, but I have only 4 or 5 more days until I'm stuck with it, and with no apparent fix in sight I am started to think that it's my only option. For anyone who has yet to update, my advice is DON'T, the risk that comes with this update isn't worth what little changes that come with it.

6:56 AM, September 30, 2018  
Blogger Daniel Eskildsen said...

To Unknown above !
Chrome and Chromebooks is a great choice and sometimes worth to have..But after this update it's a big problem and sometimes you just want to throw it in the garbage bin..But relax there will be another update soon i hope and then everything will work like a dream until next time they screw everything up like in this update. I mention before this is more like a Dev channel update than an Stable update and we have to live with it. Seems to me that the team behind this update is at sleep and did not make a quick solution to all the problems by geting back to an stable update like 68 version or 67 which was perfect..Update 70 should perhaps be good we can only cross our fingers and legs and whatever we can cross..

7:53 AM, September 30, 2018  

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