Friday, March 26, 2010

Dev Channel Update

The Dev channel has been updated to 5.0.360.0 for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms

  • Tabbed bookmark manager (Issue 4890)

  • Several Translate improvements

  • Fixed several AutoFill features (Issues 38218, 38009, 38538, 38104, 38681)

  • Fixed long timeout when navigating away from slow pages (Issue 11007)

  • Linux
  • Fixed menu popups for Xinerama users (Issue 14184)

  • Better crash dumping

  • Security
  • Updated libpng for CVE-2010-0205

  • Known Issues
  • Issue 39196 Bookmarks under the chevron are disabled (fixed but not in this release)

  • Issue 39104: REGRESSION: Native dialogs got extended - fixed on trunk.

  • Issue 37874: REGRESSION: Visual Defect / Gray Bar on Frame and Superbar on Windows 7 and Vista Aero

  • Issue 39340: [Extensions] Chrome crashes when dragging browser action not-incognito-enabled from normal window to incognito window

  • Issue 39360: [Extensions] Facebook for Google Chrome extensions doesn't work in incognito mode

  • Issue 39372: [Extensions] new tab extensions takes effect in incognito mode even without "Allow this extension to run in incognito" option checked.

  • More details about additional changes are available in the svnlog of all revisions.

    You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

    If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

    Karen Grunberg 

    Google Chrome 


    Blogger Cakalaky said...

    Check boxes in GMail are still not showing up. XP Pro SP3. Or any sites.

    1:18 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Cakalaky said...

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    1:19 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Graeme said...


    1:25 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Cakalaky said...

    @Graeme thanks for the link.

    1:34 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Gavin said...

    Was home this bug would be fixed -

    Graphical glitch.


    1:36 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger REO said...

    Looking good!

    Thanks Google Team!

    2:07 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Kurtextrem said...

    I think the old version of the bookmark manager was better. Maybe include an option, but the new way is really silly. Sorry!

    2:33 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Li, Quanjia said...

    strangely odd "Big" when you hit "about google chrome"

    2:54 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Kurtextrem said...

    @Li, Quanjia

    is this bug already reported in the Issue list on google code?

    2:56 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Li, Quanjia said...

    @ Kurtextrem
    I don't know. I haven't report that.

    3:02 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger 江添亮 said...

    Weird. I can't add extension in this version just dragging the .crx file to chrome.

    3:17 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger 江添亮 said...

    nevermind. restarting worked. Dunno why I couldn't install it.

    3:24 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Li, Quanjia said...

    when hover on the task bar, chrome still only show "new tab"

    3:24 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Tornadoes28 said...

    Hopefully more stable than the last release. Seems to be so far.

    3:29 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger cosmichobo said...

    A couple releases ago pinned tabs enlarged when hovering on them. I hope you bring that back. Thanks for the update!

    3:49 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Matthew Tsang said...

    i cannot use ctrl+f to search a page in chinese character.

    whenever i type the second character, the first character will be automatically highlighted and the second character overwrite the first character, ie, i can always only search a page in one chinese character.

    please help.
    this issue has been around for some time already.


    4:36 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Oakwine said...

    What is the cutoff time for fixes to be included in a dev build? There was a fix in Issue 32845 (reenable Pin Tab on Mac) that landed on Wednesday 3/24, and it doesn't appear to be in this build.

    (I'd check the SVN log to verify, but the link appears to be gone, and I don't know how to make it manually.)

    5:35 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Richard said...

    Still unstable i cant even start =/

    7:12 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Li, Quanjia said...

    @Matthew Tsang

    Ctrl+f if you add one blank space between characters, it's definitely like what you said.

    9:19 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger Lumo said...

    I needed a minute to see that the tabbed managed contains everything that the old one did. Not sure whether it's an improvement. I have some doubts whether the dogma "everything is the same tab" is sensible.

    More obviously, the favicons seem to be completely missing (empty sheet of paper for everything) in the new manager.

    11:12 PM, March 26, 2010  
    Blogger ezybzy said...

    Please return Pin Tab for Mac!

    1:58 AM, March 27, 2010  
    Blogger Justin said...

    hell yes!! the taskbar icon finally shows download status.

    9:15 AM, March 27, 2010  
    Blogger Oakwine said...

    Mac users desiring Pin Tabs: I went to to download one of the new builds; anything from late 3/24 will have Pin Tab in it. Chromium uses a different profile, however, so you'll have to copy your profile over to the new directory to keep all of your settings. I'll switch back to Dev next release.

    1:51 PM, March 27, 2010  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    There is a shadow line in right corner and when I click in "About" menu it shows a bigger window.

    Sorry for my poor english.

    6:34 PM, March 27, 2010  
    Blogger andry said...

    well .. all of us love the shade-bug so much .. i made a little swf for it:

    maybe they will fix it if they see this. ;D

    4:17 AM, March 29, 2010  
    Blogger Culture said...

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    11:29 PM, April 01, 2010  

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