Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beta Channel Update

Update: Google Chrome 5.0.375.55 has been released to the Beta channel for Linux, Mac and Windows with a minor stability fix.

Google Chrome 5.0.375.53 has been released to the Beta channel for Linux, Mac and Windows.

This release contains some minor crash and stability fixes, in addition, we have also temporarily put our internal version of Flash Player back behind a flag. We plan on re-enabling our internal version of Flash Player by default on the beta channel in the near future.

We have also fixed a regression so that we no longer remember incognito zoom changes (Issue: 43107)

If you spot any issues, please let us know:

Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome Team



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still on 5.0.375.38 and I'm waiting to be prompted to update Chrome, but dose this mean I have to go install Flash on Chrome again??

I liked having Flash already installed on Chrome!

5:40 PM, May 20, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, great! I just updated Chrome and will have to install Flash! What's with the going back on features?

First the dev channel of Chrome is reverted back, now a nice feature of Chrome is removed? I had no problems with the internal version of Flash in Chrome. Sure, Chrome had a days old version of Flash 10.1 RC for a while, and I wondered when it was going to update, but then it did.


6:46 PM, May 20, 2010  
Blogger LZSaver said...

5.0.375.50? May be 5.0.375.53? :)

7:47 PM, May 20, 2010  
Blogger Matthieu said...

During the update, Google does not erase the old version, can be removed manually or it will disappear automatically?
This is happening in the folder:

9:07 PM, May 20, 2010  
Blogger Aviramof said...

Unless you are planning to add toolbars support this entire browser is a waste of time but i'm not sure it's even possible with webkit browser why doesn't google never think things throughely before they begin major development projects like google chrome or picasa with no gif animation i really don't understand it but without the ability to add toolbars like offline roboform it would never be a great browser as it should be no matter how many crash and stability fixes you will add.

10:43 PM, May 20, 2010  
Blogger Aviramof said...

And i still don't understand why does roboform doesn't auto arrange the favorites by title after copying them from IE and i need to manually do it is it so difficult to say the browser to copy the favorites and then auto arrange them by title?

12:11 AM, May 21, 2010  
Blogger Aviramof said...

why google chrome not roboform.

12:12 AM, May 21, 2010  
Blogger Amit said...

ok so how do i enable internal flash with this new version?

12:49 AM, May 21, 2010  
Blogger ckl5 said...

How can I re-enable your internal Flash player??

1:08 AM, May 21, 2010  
Blogger Fabio_Rulez said...

to enable internal flash you have to go to the properties of the chrome launch icon, and near the link path, to the right, write the follow:

an example:
C:\Users\xyz\AppData\Local\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe --enable-internal-flash

this will activate the internal chrome flash, that, BTW, was de-activated for now due to problems expecially on the linux side (remember that the flash player integrated is a RC version 10.1 and not the stable 10.0, so as soon 10.1 will solve those problem the flash player will be re-activated by default)


1:29 AM, May 21, 2010  
Blogger Jonas N said...

"Oh, great! I just updated Chrome and will have to install Flash! What's with the going back on features?"

Security issues with the integrated Flash plugin, maybe?? Who cares; there's some good reason that it was pulled, because Google *wants* it integrated.

Calm down and wait for the next beta! Jeez.

1:41 AM, May 21, 2010  
Blogger ckl5 said...

The new version uses much more CPU than 5.0.375.38. I have many open tabs with flash running.
How can I go back to the .38 version??

2:04 AM, May 21, 2010  
Blogger cw138486 said...

note that there's no homepage icon.

5:00 AM, May 21, 2010  
Blogger andre.ukit said...

But what really is the problem why internal flash was disabled by default in 5.0.375.53

5:09 AM, May 21, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fabio_Rulez: Thanks for the tip. Will look into it. I already use the --bookmarks-menu

@Jonas N: Google's fault for integrading a beta version of Flash in its browser. It should have gone with 10.0

7:40 AM, May 21, 2010  
Blogger Daniel said...

if you use Roboform you should really look at Lastpass which i consider to be much better than Roboform.

I was using roboform but ran into various issues with it and now use lastpass.

7:50 AM, May 21, 2010  
Blogger swarmster said...

"But what really is the problem why internal flash was disabled by default in 5.0.375.53"

I know on the Mac version, flash items (like embedded YouTube videos) would occasionally load as unresponsive to mouse clicks. You'd have to refresh the page for them to work.

Hopefully this is fixed by the time it's re-enabled.

9:31 AM, May 21, 2010  
Blogger Dill said...

Have been using Chrome straight for 6 hours and I must say there has not been one crash yet :D
Good Job Googlers

3:46 PM, May 21, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The latest update to 5.0.375.55 beta on Ubuntu 10.04 is working fine here.

Are you guys going to enable the ability to search for Folders as well as the actual links in the Bookmarks? Ctrl-F does the same but a little messy.

Good job.

6:06 PM, May 21, 2010  
Blogger MK said...

Memory management when browsing large images seems significantly improved. Not sure if it was fixed in this release or earlier, but I'm pleased :)

12:49 AM, May 22, 2010  
Blogger houtxone said...

Crashes after waking up from standby.

5:05 AM, May 22, 2010  
Blogger Dogan said...

11:25 AM, May 22, 2010  
Blogger david said...

With this new release Google Mail works awfully, in the attachment area a white box appears.

Google Analytics too is garbled when choosing the compare functions.

2:29 AM, May 24, 2010  
Blogger shixin said...

Having trouble with Gmail after this update on XP, dont know why.

4:51 AM, May 24, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


5:22 AM, May 25, 2010  
Blogger Fabio_Rulez said...

If you care about HTML5 full implementation in chrome please star this bug:

10:58 AM, May 27, 2010  
Blogger googlele said...

Zoom in 3 times and klick left on the
black DAX chart. What happen? Guess!

2:19 AM, June 07, 2010  

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