Monday, December 13, 2010

Stable, Beta Channel Updates

The Chrome Stable and Beta channels have been updated to 8.0.552.224 for all platforms.  Chrome OS has also been updated to 8.0.552.343. These releases contain the security fixes listed below, along with stability and other improvements.

Security fixes and rewards:
Please see the Chromium security page for more detail. Note that the referenced bugs may be kept private until a majority of our users are up to date with the fix.
  • [64-bit Linux only] [56449] High Bad validation for message deserialization on 64-bit builds. Credit to Lei Zhang of the Chromium development community.
  • [60761] Medium Bad extension can cause browser crash in tab handling. Credit to kuzzcc.
  • [63529] Low Browser crash with NULL pointer in web worker handling. Credit to Nathan Weizenbaum of Google.
  • [$1000] [63866] Medium Out-of-bounds read in CSS parsing. Credit to Chris Rohlf.
  • [$1000] [64959] High Stale pointers in cursor handling. Credit to Sławomir Błażek and Sergey Glazunov.
Full details about the Chrome changes are available in the SVN revision log. If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug. Want to change to another Chrome release channel? Find out how.

Jason Kersey
Google Chrome

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of those bug links are forbidden.

11:48 AM, December 13, 2010  
Blogger webmaster said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12:35 PM, December 13, 2010  
Blogger Someone said...

This should be in Chrome default:

12:37 PM, December 13, 2010  
Blogger vlad.apps said...

@ mattharrison: quote from the post "Note that the referenced bugs may be kept private until a majority of our users are up to date with the fix."

Other than that, thanks for the new update!

12:39 PM, December 13, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

64-bit Windows Chrome... I like this idea. Why not?

1:55 PM, December 13, 2010  
Blogger jeffreynsx said...

The PDF Document in certain websites still cannot load properly. Starting from version 8.0 onwards and it cause miserable for someone's who need to access and referred to the article that are relevant for their study.

Please fix this issue as soon as possible and please ensure that the download button are attached beside the PDF document.

4:43 PM, December 13, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how does one get hold of the Chrome-OS 8.0.552.343

1:47 AM, December 14, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once I upgraded to v8 I have lost the auto download and open settings I set previously for PDF files, and the option to "Automatically open files of this type" has been greyed out. I upload and download a significant number of PDFs in a day and now have to select "Save" and "Open" each time, whereas previously I could select 10 PDFs to download and they would open in the background when complete. How do I fix this?

9:54 PM, December 15, 2010  
Blogger Barry said...

I have the version 8.0.552.224 and it crashes about 10 times in a 8hr period. what can i do to stop it?

6:34 AM, December 16, 2010  
Blogger lekom said...

I started having have strange problem after this particular update.
It's blank page, - page is not loading, it's blank. It doesn't say that it can't be loaded, it's just blank page even after refresh..

8:00 PM, December 16, 2010  
Blogger Su@lk said...

Good work Google team!

I only have one niggle with Chrome now and that is that the "most visited" thumbnails used to only refresh the thumbnail pic to what it currently was but now I see it goes as far as loading a new pic within the actual account of the persons account e.g. Facebook,Gmail etc.

I preferred the old style.

Please fix this minor issue.

10:31 AM, December 20, 2010  
Blogger William said...

^Uploading multiple pictures does not work here...

11:06 PM, December 22, 2010  
Blogger IvanKe said...

I can't modify the Gmail's contact name, but Firefox not has this problem.

11:18 PM, December 22, 2010  

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