Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dev Channel Update

The Dev channel has been updated to 14.0.794.0 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame platforms

  • Updated V8 -
  • When installing items from the chrome webstore, we now always prompt with a native confirmation dialog.
  • Fix for failing navigation with chrome://newtab showing.
  • Fixed “invalid server certificate” errors for some secure websites whose CRLs or OCSP responses are signed by untrusted root CAs.
  • Added a makeshift multiprofile button.

  • DNSSEC authenticated HTTPS supported.
  • Intermittent connectivity issues with broken SSLv3 servers fixed.
Known Issues
  • When reloading a page reached via a HTTP POST operation (such as the confirmation page following a form submit during an online transaction), the whole browser will crash (Issue: 86119)
  • volume controls are not functioning on keyboard (issue: 84961)
More details about additional changes are available in the svn log of all revisions.

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Karen Grunberg
Google Chrome



Blogger REO said...

Oh Boy! Level 14...

Win Vista/32 bit

Thanks Google Dev Team! :)

4:47 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger -DED- said...

When can we expect Profiles to make their way into Dev natively? That's the feature I'm most looking forward to. :)

5:15 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Benny said...

Mouse forward and backward keys don`t work anymore....

5:34 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger molumen said...

A cupcake? Seriously??

5:41 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger William said...

"Mouse forward and backward keys don`t work anymore....


5:43 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Kenny Strawn said...

Now when will R14 get pushed to the Chrome OS Dev Channel?

6:04 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Red said...

Keyboard forward/back keys don't work either.

6:26 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger espeon said...

Broken record… The back/forward buttons on my (Logitech) mouse lost functionality with this update as well.

7:15 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger giantdale said...

Same as above, back/forward buttons don't work anymore for me, either!

7:35 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger 4robertc said...

Print preview area is now too small to view. 1/7 the original size.

8:17 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger M said...

Always faster. Incredible.

8:38 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Guspaz said...

Ouch, mouse buttons broken for me too :(

9:00 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Guspaz said...

Ouch, mouse buttons broken for me too :(

9:00 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger molumen said...

Is there a possibility to turn off GPU acceleration? I get all the same rendering bugs as in 13.0.782.13
(Vista 32)

9:25 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Eric said...

When using the optional "compact navigation" feature, opening a new tab is not putting the focus in the url bar. This is especially annoying when making the new tab using the keyboard.

9:55 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Nikólas Crognali said...

I'm hoping that the chrome profiles feature will be replaced by something a bit more... intuitive? Better?

But really, a cupcake? Having the email address in the title bar actually made sense. Any status on that?

10:56 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Kurtextrem said...

@molumen: Look at the Chromium switches.

@Nikolas: I think soon we have an option to change the picture ^^

11:10 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Steffen Weber said...

Where can I find more information about "DNSSEC authenticated HTTPS"?

11:19 PM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Kurtextrem said...

Google... first result:

11:20 PM, June 16, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Win7 64Bit
Sync is not working.

12:24 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Steffen Weber said...

Sorry, but I was not asking about DNSSEC. I was asking about the verification of SSL certificates using DNSSEC ("DNSSEC authenticated HTTPS"). More information at:

12:29 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Destroyzer said...

Awesome! Long time ago, when I try to load a page, it don't loads and appears "chrome://newtab". Now fixed? WOW

1:15 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger a said...



2:22 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger said...

it's crashing when I select the star to create a new bookmark :/

3:00 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Wonderful Jewelry said...

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3:01 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger danijel_2006 said...

AdBlock seems to crash every time you go to another domain - and without notice... disable-enable solves problem on first domain...

Other problem: I can't select "Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google" in Options>Under the Hood>Privacy

Vista 32-bit

3:46 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Adam Malcontenti-Wilson said...

I hope the cupcake is a joke... I was getting used to having a profile switcher that was useful rather than a cupcake...

Even if it wasn't a cupcake (ie had the Google profile image) i'd still prefer the old switcher.

5:34 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Kenny Strawn said...


I already have the option to change account pictures and for that matter use the Webcam to take a picture of myself (that being on my Cr-48) using the latest Chrome OS Dev update. That being:

Chrome OS 0.13.587.27 (Official Build) dev-channel x86-mario

5:41 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger grog said...

Ditto on the mouse forward/back keys . . .

5:42 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger kostas said...

When i click a youtube video (not only youtube) to pause it, play it or adjust the volume, then the scroll wheel does not work, i have to click outside the video (on the white area) to work again. i think on the stable version there is no such problem.

6:08 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger V-FrIeNd said...

when I open link in new tab (include flash)
chrome is not respond...

6:19 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger alexandrojv said...

Found the info about the cupcake icon:

Which says:
Change profile menu button to avatar button

This change doesn't add any new functionality. It simply changes the profile menu button so that it now draws an avatar icon.

Once this is checked in next steps will be to:
- associate avatar icons to profiles
- expand the profile menu

7:10 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger dasklney said...

Still missing cufont :(

7:20 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Steffen Weber said...

More information about "DNSSEC authenticated HTTPS":

7:28 AM, June 17, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disabled all my extensions....I get a popup on my ig page: "Some script content on this website is insecure...etc. Clicking the Learn more says "information you've requested cannot be found, etc". Worst of all, the back button on my 5-button mouse doesn't work and that's a show stopper.

8:05 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger H.F.Kais said...

flash or shockwave crash.

9:08 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Deo eτ Paτria said...

You level-up even faster than a World of Warcraft geek farmer/player.

I hope one time I'll see more squared Navigation bar ( urlbar + buttons hover-effect ).

At least with border-raidus 2px or the same desing as Options -In content UI- menu.

9:29 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Chris said...

@Alan: there's a bug in iGoogle, I'll get it fixed -- thanks!! We'll also fix the "learn more" link shortly.

10:42 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Jesse said...

I love Chrome, but have problems when I try to bookmark a site.

Also, tried to download it to my "Droid" phone but was unable. Will there be a Chrome release for the Droid? Since the Droid is a Google product, I hope so!

- Jesse

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10:48 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger EggCess said...

Mouse back button / forward button broken for me, too.

Excuse the question, but how can one obtain an even "later" dev-build if, for some reason, chrome can't be built on one's own machine?

Asking this because of reports (here: that mouse buttons are working again in 14.0.796.0.

Can anyone help me out?

11:56 AM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Sam said...

Dev build works great with the exception of star bookmarking, like everyone else said.

I enabled a flag (about:flags) that let me remove the toolbar. While I love it to death, may I suggest that when one makes a new tab, the cursor automatically brings attention to the tab in question?

Thanks, stay brilliant.

1:22 PM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Atze said...

Mouse back and forward doesn´t work anymore ! please fix it fast ...

2:24 PM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger dmt said...

flash crash- when more than two tabs are running flash separately
Win 7 -64bit

2:47 PM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Alberto Bistaco said...

Hey guys, when I'm using 'hide the toolbar' there's no Home button anywhere. And I use it a lot.. Could you fix that? (perhaps the best solution could be a shorcut for that)

Thank you!

2:47 PM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger molumen said...

Compact navigation is great, but one suggestion would be to have somewhere a button that opens a dropdown (or anything else) menu that shows the extensions' buttons. Some of the extensions need interaction with the user, and it is basically impossible to do that with the current Compact Navigation's design.

3:59 PM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Tony said...

Not sure if anyone else gets this or this is a know thing. But some contents of a website has a "wiremesh" type red frame around things when I have GPU acceleration turned on (all the flags, though I haven't tried to narrow this down to a specific GPU flag).

Windows 7 x64, Radeon HD5850, latest drivers: 11.6.

I've had this problem for quite a few months now and it's getting slightly annoying.

Also, about the back/forward buttons, I can confirm that this feature is broken, made me panic a little there, haha.

5:13 PM, June 17, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Win7 x32

sync problem

after pass entered
result never stop loading

5:19 PM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Blaster219 said...

Evernote webapp has its note display panel truncated to about 1/7 of its full size rendering it virtually unusable.

Same problem appears with the Print Preview.

6:16 PM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger DopedAngel said...

email in gmail are not viewable. Scrolling does not work.
I had similar problems 2 versions ago the last update fixed it now it has come back with this version

6:54 PM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Armando R said...

x2 "When using the optional "compact navigation" feature, opening a new tab is not putting the focus in the url bar."

12:43 AM, June 18, 2011  
Blogger FERUCHIO said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:49 AM, June 18, 2011  
Blogger Seo said...

At the top , + tab button texture bug and the outline of the browser appears as working in the background.

Flash crash

I'm using HP pavillion laptop and volume control sometimes doesn't work.

2:09 AM, June 18, 2011  
Blogger Amedeo said...

There're problems with print preview and with Adobe Shockwave Player!!

Bye ;)

7:18 AM, June 18, 2011  
Blogger molumen said...

I confirm that the volume control does not work when Chrome is the active window.
Windows Vista 32bit

8:58 AM, June 18, 2011  
Blogger FERUCHIO said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:17 AM, June 18, 2011  
Blogger FERUCHIO said...


- Botões "avançar" e "voltar" não funcionam através do mouse.

- Navegador inteiro quebra ao clicar no ícone estrela para adicionar página aos favoritos.

- Botão "página inicial" (ou "home") ausente no modo de navegação compacta (isso faz muita falta).

- Problemas com funcionalidades do Flash Player ao utilizar o player de vídeo do YouTube.

- Diversos aplicativos em Shockwave Flash (ou "Crash"?) Player funcionando de maneira instável ou simplesmente congelando após a execução de comandos ordinários.

- Google Translator nem sempre é exibido ao abrir nova guia (mesmo em páginas onde todo o conteúdo se encontra em linguagem diferente daquela utilizada pelo usuário).

- Definitivamente, o controle de volume não funciona quando a janela do Chrome está ativa (percebi ao tentar utilizar o botão "mudo" - como sempre faço - em meu teclado).

- Ao abrir nova guia pelo modo de navegação compacta, o cursor de digitação não está ativo na barra de endereços (também inativo no campo de buscas ao abrir a página do Google Search)

Enfim, a navegação nesta versão se mostra mais ágil, no entanto, temos uma "enxurrada" de novos bugs que necessitam de correção urgente!

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (x86)

11:29 AM, June 18, 2011  
Blogger Lihis said...

Whatever is the difference between this and version 13.0.782.24 it never should've been happened. Version 13.0.782.24 worked well on all web pages, even Google Maps worked like it should. Now it's all buggy again which is a real shame since it's been like that ever since version 12 came out. I've filed a bug ages ago concerning that very thing but nothing has happened.

11:42 AM, June 18, 2011  
Blogger La Obeja Negra said...

Flash is making Chrome crash constantly. There's something terribly wrong about this last update.


1:27 PM, June 18, 2011  
Blogger REO said...

Chrome Sync continues to fail,
Re-logging in loops, never completes.

Win Vista/32 bit

1:49 PM, June 18, 2011  
Blogger Spoaller said...

Sync Error, Enter Password, Never Stops Loading. Refresh, Sync fine until next time I open the browser. And again: Sync Error, Enter Password, Never Stops Loading. And so on.

11:39 PM, June 18, 2011  
Blogger . said...

Tony: If you actually read what the flags do, you will see one that says:

Composited render layer borders
Renders a border around composited Render Layers to help debug and study layer compositing.

DO NOT enable that one! Now the red borders will go away.

7:23 AM, June 19, 2011  
Blogger Onivs said...

I have some problems with flash

7:16 PM, June 19, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:55 AM, June 20, 2011  
Blogger Music Man said...

Shockwave flash keeps crashing upon opening up a tab that runs flash.

9:30 AM, June 20, 2011  
Blogger Sergey said...

There is No sound in Google Chrome in win 2003.
There is bug.

2:17 AM, June 23, 2011  

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