Monday, June 20, 2011

Dev Channel Update

The Dev channel has been updated to 14.0.797.0 for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome Frame platforms


  • Updated V8 -
  • Improved support for the textarea element with screen readers.
  • Improved support for the textarea element with VoiceOver.

Resolved Issues

  • Print workflow: Chrome Frame displays both Print Dialog and Print Preview (Issue: 86226)
  • Crash when canceling print (Issue: 86229)
  • Mouse back and forward buttons stopped working  (Issue: 84836)

More details about additional changes are available in the svn log of all revisions.

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Karen Grunberg
Google Chrome



Blogger cyanata said...

Bookmark button is not working in Compact Navigation.

4:23 PM, June 20, 2011  
Blogger chesterman said...

tab/title bar have a graphical glitch sometimes

4:58 PM, June 20, 2011  
Blogger Radek said...

It crashes when I'm trying to type any letter in the address bar.

5:04 PM, June 20, 2011  
Blogger Luc VN said...

Print preview area is now too small to view. 1/7 the original size.

5:06 PM, June 20, 2011  
Blogger resident said...

flash or shockwave crash.

6:34 PM, June 20, 2011  
Blogger Avinash Agrawal said...

Nice, how to change the cupcake logo on the top left thats associated with "create new profile" ?

6:37 PM, June 20, 2011  
Blogger REO said...

The Java plug-in needs your permission to run. 'Forgets' Always run on this site.

Win Vista/32 bit

6:58 PM, June 20, 2011  
Blogger Seyed said...

"Edit" & "Done" buttons are glitched when you add a favorite.

8:59 PM, June 20, 2011  
Blogger V-FrIeNd said...

crash when I open new tab .

10:32 PM, June 20, 2011  
Blogger tomasvilda said...

flash/shockwave crashes sometimes

11:55 PM, June 20, 2011  
Blogger Shadow said...

I'm getting a Sync Error every time I restart my browser. I'm using a pass-phrase instead of my Gmail account. Any ideas ?

1:18 AM, June 21, 2011  
Blogger Kurtextrem said...

The thing with the volume thing isn't fixed :(

1:58 AM, June 21, 2011  
Blogger Noster said...

For flash/shockwave crashes go to about:plugins click "details" and disable the first one:

Name: Shockwave Flash
Description: Shockwave Flash 10.3 r181
Version: 10,3,181,26

2:43 AM, June 21, 2011  
Blogger Fabiano said...

The special keys on my keyboard dont work, when focus is on Chrome.
Win XP 32bits

3:56 AM, June 21, 2011  
Blogger said...

Bookmark button is not working

6:05 AM, June 21, 2011  
Blogger Chris said...

What 'bookmark button' are you referring to, the bookmark bar?

6:48 AM, June 21, 2011  
Blogger FERUCHIO said...

Problemas que ainda persistem:

- Ao abrir nova guia, o foco do cursor de digitação não vai para a barra de endereços (Obs.: E ao abrir a página do Google Search, o foco do cursor também não vai automaticamente para o campo de busca)

- Botão adicionar favorito (bookmark) não funciona no modo de navegação compacto (ao clicar, o navegador "quebra" instantaneamente)

Difícil acreditar que mesmo após relatarmos tantos bugs na versão anterior, muitos destes bugs ainda persistam nesta versão (versão que demorou a ser disponibilizada, visto a precariedade da versão anterior). Isso nos faz até especular a possibilidade de que estejam ocorrendo sérios problemas internos entre os desenvolvedores do Chrome. Será que todos os funcionários do Google estavam fazendo mutirão para consertar as linhas de transmissão da AT&T que deixaram nossa internet um lixo nestes últimos dias? Fica a questão no ar...

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (x86)

6:53 AM, June 21, 2011  
Blogger 8ball said...

if you are having trouble with keyboard buttons in Chrome 14 Look here:
please help solving the issue by providing more info.

10:23 AM, June 21, 2011  
Blogger Mainman678 said...

All I want to know is, where is google instant pages feature that has been said was in dev before beta release?

11:02 AM, June 21, 2011  
Blogger Bryan Chung said...

Often fatal crash for flash and shockwave.


9:39 PM, June 21, 2011  
Blogger Brian said...

once the browser is closed, profile is lost and has to be synced again. very annoying.

7:16 AM, June 22, 2011  
Blogger dmt said...

flash crash. memory reading problems

7:57 AM, June 22, 2011  
Blogger dmt said...

time to get rid of flash and convert all videos to HTML5.

7:58 AM, June 22, 2011  
Blogger Johnny said...

gotta say, im on canary so i expect bugs to hinder my experience, but flash single handedly causes 80% of my problems with all the shockwave crashes. problems like small print preview come and go, but flash never goes away

1:41 PM, June 22, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i check this blog everyday hoping that a update to chrome dev for mac will bring the compact navigation. am i pressed? yes. PLEASE BRING IT!!!!

3:07 PM, June 22, 2011  
Blogger eloveday said...

Flash Crash is frustrating, tried the fix suggested and I've not seen improvement. Any other idea's?

Quote: "For flash/shockwave crashes go to about:plugins click "details" and disable the first one:

Name: Shockwave Flash
Description: Shockwave Flash 10.3 r181
Version: 10,3,181,26

2:43 AM, June 21, 2011"

4:15 PM, June 22, 2011  
Blogger William John Adam Trindade said...


A glitch with the french version. The prompt for confirm a download is not translated. Is write "Keep" but the correct c'est "Enregistrer" or "Garder"

Thanks and good work

6:02 AM, June 23, 2011  
Blogger Josh Deng said...

thanks for this update! I was getting worried there was something wrong with my back/forward buttons (and special keyboard keys).

8:39 AM, June 23, 2011  
Blogger vitanga said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:56 AM, June 23, 2011  
Blogger vitanga said...

I was having frequent Shockwave/Flash crashes ever since I updated to 14.0.797.0, but it looks like they're gone now (knock on wood). Here's what I did:

1. Went to about:plugins
2. Checked the Shockwave plug-in version. Mine was 11.5.something and there was a link to "Download Critical Security Update"
3. Link took me to Adobe site to download the latest version which is 11.6.626.
4. After installing 11.6.626, I haven't had any Shockwave/Flash crashes

Hope this helps others!

8:57 AM, June 23, 2011  
Blogger n..t said...

I have a problem with Sync too, but with email sync.

Also the bookmark buttons "Edit" and "Done" kind of flicker when you mouseiver on them.

Is it me or the Dev Channel has become VERY unstable the last month? :(

6:09 PM, June 23, 2011  
Blogger The Right Miller said...

Still having problems with LastPass extension under Chrome dev built. Many sites that used to autofill no longer do so. This is not uniform across all sites; some load just as they did before.

11:51 PM, June 23, 2011  
Blogger M said...

Bookmarks sync errors on 2 machines running win7x64 and one running xp32.

8:53 PM, June 25, 2011  
Blogger Dj Gilcrease said...

Lots of issues with links with hash tags doing a full navigation, keyboard short cuts not working, middle click opening a new tab as well as navigating the current one.

Also JS on JS heavy sites is behaving oddly. Goto any site that performs an action via setTimeout, make that tab the background for a few minutes then open it back up and every action called by setTimeout happens in rapid succession

3:38 PM, June 26, 2011  
Blogger H.F.Kais said...

flash or shockwave crash.

10:20 PM, June 26, 2011  
Blogger Andrea said...


9:55 AM, June 27, 2011  
Blogger DoomedPanda said...

Both versions of Shockwave (The one built in Chrome and the one on my PC) are crashing when I use them with chrome... Seems the same problem build after build at this stage

2:16 PM, June 27, 2011  
Blogger yogoperson said...

Google Chrome crash. Can open new tab page, but going to any other page is impossible. After waiting a while, it self closes and says that Google Chrome crashed and it needs to relaunch, but it never works. After relaunch, History won't show up. Google Chrome version 12.0.742.112, Windows XP. And this is before and after re-install.

9:58 PM, June 28, 2011  

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