Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dev Channel Update for Chrome OS

The Dev channel has been updated to 26.0.1398.0 (Platform version: 3635.0.0) for all Chrome OS devices. Highlights among the numerous updates are as follows:
  • Extended Desktop Mode enabled - please help test and provide feedback.
  • Two finger swipe back/forward has returned!
Known issues include:
  • does not stream video.
  • The new Samsung Chromebook with 3G may have problems with the modem after returning from idle.  Workaround: deactivate and reactivate the modem or reboot the machine.
  • Audio is not working over HDMI. 
If you find new issues, please let us know by visiting our help site or filing a bug. Interested in switching channels? Find out how. You can submit feedback using ‘Report an issue...’ in the Chrome menu (3 horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the browser).

Ben Henry
Google Chrome

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Blogger ▴triune. said...

Extended desktop mode seems to work really well on my Cr48 when using it with a Dell monitor @ 1920x1200 resolution and a vga cable.

I did however noticed that 3-finger gestures do not seem to be working although I had them enabled in about:flags


12:12 PM, January 31, 2013  
Blogger iPodGamez said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:10 PM, January 31, 2013  
Blogger Mark Schierbecker said...

This release is unusually poor. I must restart my device about every 20-30 mins. My poor Chromebook is barely usable now. *weep

8:36 PM, January 31, 2013  
Blogger Dan Gardner said...

Finding click and drag functionality in Google Drawing breaks after a few mins. Closing and reopening tab helps for a while until you need to reboot to fix. I've also had a complete hang that I had to long press to reboot out of.

This is a bit nasty.

5:13 AM, February 01, 2013  
Blogger Doug Terry said...

This is one of the most faulty releases on the Dev channel so far. Browser windows repeatedly crash and it's frustrating not to be able to use Netflix--again. (Thought that issue had been fixed.) I wish there was an easier way move to beta or stable other than the USB disk image method. Guess I'll just have to wait for the beta release to catch up... Wonder how long that will take?

9:31 AM, February 01, 2013  
Blogger danny said...

Updated and now it wont boot up. Stuck on chrome icon. This is without wifi (3g only). Ive rebooted and rebooted to no avail.... Help! I'm on a Samsung series five. Never had Ann issue before this.

11:31 AM, February 01, 2013  
Blogger Damian said...

I too have noticed that about every 20 minutes the whole OS just hangs and requires a hard reboot. Seems to be on random pages without any intensive loading sometimes.

Haven't encountered the inability to log back in yet.

11:49 AM, February 01, 2013  
Blogger Mark Schierbecker said...

Google, please say you are working on this. Happy weekend.

12:54 PM, February 02, 2013  
Blogger Damian said...

I ended up reverting back to Beta with USB, this was a very buggy release. I did however, like the ability to move the launcher and the two finger swipe, while a bit buggy, was fun.

11:15 PM, February 02, 2013  
Blogger elie said...

I know it's a very limited audience, but if you are using on the Samsung Chromebook this release finally fixes the video playback issue. So go ahead and try it.

I really like the improvements,but like others have said it's too buggy. I find that if I open more than a few windows the system crashes. And sometimes it crashes with only one or two windows open.

Does anyone have link which explains how to revert back to beta using a USB.


9:19 AM, February 03, 2013  
Blogger Ben said...

This release must have been pulled back shortly after it was released. I went home after work and did not receive the update. Today I changed to the Beta channel and was able to pull that update (so it was a higher version than my Dev build). I'm currently running a Beta release but back to following the Dev channel with no pending updates.

11:58 AM, February 03, 2013  
Blogger Damian said...


Basically, summarized, you get a clean USB or SD card, put it in your Chromebook, go to chrome://imageburner, download the image on there, reboot into recovery mode (for my Samsung Series 3 it is just holding a few keys), and let it reimage itself. Depending on your download speed, getting the image might take some time, it's ~300 MB, but the whole process for me was finished in 40 minutes or so I think.

3:30 PM, February 03, 2013  

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