Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dev Channel Update

The Dev channel has been updated to 26.0.1397.2 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame. This build contains following updates:
  • Media Gallery: Removed extension gallery watch count details (Issue: 144491
  • Media Gallery: Added support for mtp device media file system on Windows (Issue: 151679
  • Alternate ntp: implemented right-aligned search token (Issue: 163190
  • Alternate ntp: unpinned bookmark bar in ntp (Issue: 170417
  • Filemanager uses a smart link to the Files App help page (Issue: 139445, 170291
  • FIx for Gracefully handling the situation of duplicate public accounts (Issue: 170538
  • Added incoming intent page transition modifier for Android (Issue: 143118
  • Added a mechanism to set the default handler for a URL protocol on Windows 8 (Issue: 154081
  • Made easier to move corners of box when cropping large image in's photo editor.(Issue: 155705
  • Fixed showing auto-enrollment-cancellation confirmation dialog (Issue: 170230
  • Ensured that ChromeVox highlight moves out of a11y popup when it is closed (Issue: 165223
  • Added 'dark' versions for the LTE/HSPA/GPRS icons so that we show them correctly on the network list (Issue: 169969
  • Split Date/Time picker values from IME processing (Issue: 143540
  • Removed the Instant checks for web contents modal dialog (Issue: 157161
  • Brought back the file dialogs for chrome AURA (Issue: 170483
  • Fixes for Cellular indicators (Issue: 168935, 169979
  • Removed the NaCl SRPC proxy from Chrome (Issue: 169152
  • Updated Task Manager looks closer to the new dialog style (Issue: 166075
  • Fix to activate the last used profile (Issue: 150856
  • Fixed crash when popping up speech input bubble in CF (Issue: 156688
  • Fixed views implementation of table and tree to use the right system colors (Issue: 170368, 170370
  • Filled unexpected gap in a IME candidate window (Issue: 149185
  • NaCl SDK: Built a naclports bundle (linux only) ( Issue: 168693
  • Pop up requestAutocomplete UI when autofill server hints chrome client that it is in a multipage autofill flow (Issue: 159830)
  • Implemented new Task Manager and Edit Bookmark style, etc (Issue: 166075)
  • Implemented support of InputScope for desktop (non-Metro) Chrome (Issue: 150077)
Full details about what changes are in this build are available in the SVN revision log. Interested in switching release channels? Find out how. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug.

Tanya Radeva
Google Chrome



Blogger Renesis said...

Thank you very much for the rich changelog.

4:09 PM, January 30, 2013  
Blogger Seren said...

Thanks for the change-log though it's still saying .86 is latest version for me.

8:18 PM, January 30, 2013  
Blogger Tanya Radeva said...

Thank you for your feedback! The SVN link is a diff and it is the correct one-old_version=26.0.1386.0&new_version=26.0.1397.2. The second part is just not quite visible.

Best regards,


9:22 PM, January 30, 2013  
Blogger sL1pKn07 said... not found not found

where donwnload ? :S

3:51 AM, January 31, 2013  
Blogger REO said...


7:01 AM, January 31, 2013  
Blogger Abdul Alim said...

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Blogger iPodGamez said...

Why do all onMouseOver items in Menus (right click on webpage for instance) look so faded. I can barely tell what is being "highlighted"

10:18 AM, February 01, 2013  

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