Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Admin Console Update

The Admin console has been updated with new policies and improvements to the device details page:

  • Admins can now autocomplete the default domain to use when a user only enters their username at the login screen.
  • A new policy enables users to enter an asset identifier during the enrollment process. The asset ID field in the device details page will now automatically populate with this value if entered at the enrollment screen of the device. On version 44 or above, the asset identifier also appears within the operating system.
  • The device details page now contains a section titled 'System Activity and Troubleshooting'. It contains some of the existing fields as well as the new policies detailed below.
  • Two new options are available in the System Activity and Troubleshooting section of the device details page: Reboot Device and Screen Capture.
Only devices running on version 44 or above are eligible for the new policies.

Known issues are available here. Enterprise customers can report an issue by contacting support.

Lawrence Lui
Google Chrome



Blogger dt8k said...

Please update the chrome://flags option again to allow disabling the Profile Name Button on the top right. Currently mine is already set to 'disabled' but with the new update it no longer has any effect.

This shit is hella annoying—every time Chrome autoupdates.

7:52 PM, July 22, 2015  
Blogger Anthony Ray said...

Can this be added to the Active Directory controls also for computers on a Domain?

10:38 PM, July 22, 2015  
Blogger Kyle Tillman said...

I co-sign with dt8K. I hate this profile switcher.

7:54 AM, July 23, 2015  

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