Thursday, February 23, 2017

Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS

The Stable channel has been updated to 56.0.2924.110 (Platform version: 9000.91.0) for all Chrome OS devices. This build contains a number of bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements. Systems will be receiving updates over the next several days.

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Blogger Steph Kimmel said...

My Chromebook has updated 3 times in the past week now. I'm really starting to question exactly how "stable" the Stable Channel is.

1:18 PM, February 24, 2017  
Blogger Virtual Music Librarian said...

Can no longer take partial screenshots. Very inconvenient!! Please fix, Google.

4:00 PM, February 24, 2017  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prior to this update, my Chromebook was updated (via manual update) to 56.0.2924.101. I see no announcement here of this version.

4:41 PM, February 24, 2017  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank goodness! I'll be updating soon since it's been crashing so often. I'd like to suggest some things to the Chrome team for the next update even thought they may not see them...
- Faster start up time
Google Chrome itself is fast, but the start up is not. When I first start up Chrome it doesn't show my bookmarks or tabs until a minute later. It's always been like this and it'd be tremendously great if it were fixed.
- Maybe a way to download your Chrome data..?
I personally don't need a feature like this, but I see that it'd be helpful to have. I think there may already be a way, but if there isn't and if you can implement it, please do.
But yeah. I'm glad it's updated, that bug from last time was frustrating me!

5:44 PM, February 24, 2017  
Blogger Tistje said...

Still on version 55.0.2883.105 with my cb5-311.
Should I do a powerwash or is there no update for this device yet?

10:29 PM, February 24, 2017  
Blogger Dumitru Savva said...

How can we find the changelog? I would like to see which bugs were fixed?

3:16 AM, February 25, 2017  
Blogger Carlos-Cristian said...

Like always Chrombook Flip 1 is not updated or it is updated in the last moment when a new software version is available!
And I wonder how many years I'll have to wait for Chromebit to receive Play Store?

4:48 AM, February 25, 2017  
Blogger Unknown said...

Virtual Music Librarian : There has been no change in partial screenshot functionality.

10:23 AM, February 25, 2017  
Blogger Abu Din Minimi said...

thats why i got several time problem to open some website like this one 2018 Toyota Camry Colors Models

11:53 AM, February 25, 2017  
Blogger Joe Raby said...

If you're still wondering where your update is, please refer to the last sentence in the above article:

"Systems will be receiving updates over the next several days."

12:59 PM, February 25, 2017  
Blogger me said...

I can no longer stop Chrome from opening pdf files.
How I can I fix this?

Also, the extension "start - a better new tab" no longer works

2:55 PM, February 25, 2017  
Blogger Waylen Wasylenka said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5:50 PM, February 25, 2017  
Blogger Konqueror said...


My Chromebook (CB5-311) also didn't update from v55, so the problem is not unique.

9:14 AM, February 26, 2017  
Blogger Captain JK said...

its been 3 days and my acer r11 hasn't received any update?!?!?

9:49 PM, February 26, 2017  
Blogger BoB said...

I've been on Developer Channel, Dev Mode the past few days because it *was* working better for an external monitor when Docked (Chromebook closed), lasting several hours before the monitor blanked out. But tonight,it only took about a minute. So I decided to go back to Stable Channel.

And I found myself at 56...110. I looked at the changelog since .101 but my monitor blanking issue, bug 677332, is not addressed (and listed as Assigned on the bug site).

So, I'm hoping the monitor keeps displaying with this update.

FiY: Change log site:

Bug site:
(lots of 'interesting' things to read about here)

11:55 PM, February 26, 2017  
Blogger BoB said...

Duh! Forgot to mention my Chromebook model: Lenovo N22-20 11.6" Touchscreen

11:57 PM, February 26, 2017  
Blogger Steinar Hauge said...

I can also confirm that my Acer CB5-311 haven't got this update. My Acer C720 got it right away when doing a manually update. There must be something wrong on Googles side,since this device haven't got it yet. I never experienced that Google use staged rollout for chrome OS like they do on Android.

7:16 AM, February 27, 2017  
Blogger Tistje said...

Thanks @Konqueror and @Steinar Hauge I was about to powerwash until I saw your comments. This is not the first time our otherwise device is late on updating. It is however the first time we seem to be very late for a major release.

8:08 AM, February 27, 2017  
Blogger Joe said...

Again, I'm still waiting for my 2015 Pixel LS to see the update. I wish someone at Google would better time some of these updates.

4:24 AM, February 28, 2017  
Blogger Alisonnic said...

My Asus Flip got this update a few minutes ago.

Only noticeable change so far is that the icons on the shelf now have round dots to mark the active task, rather than the old white line underneath.

I've persistent problems with tabs crashing, both on the Flip and on my PC's. Seems especially prone to happen on tabs with animated ads, or if I'm scrolling through a long page of text on a web site. I hope this is going to be fixed soon! Maybe in this release?

11:29 AM, March 01, 2017  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suddenly I can't open SWF files in my browser anymore? It used to be that I could open and play SWF files directly in chrome, but now it forces me to download them rather than play them. Could you please fix this?

12:42 PM, March 01, 2017  
Blogger Mango said...

My Acer Chromebook CB3 431 C5FM "spins" saying resolving host and loses it's connection to wifi.
Where can you check the version it is running on so I can see if it has updated?

6:21 AM, March 02, 2017  
Blogger Kyriakos Zarifis said...

After the last update the timeline panel shows a single solid green bar from first byte received to last byte of received object.

So far I was used to seeing darker green vertical bars for each packet received, which was extremely helpful for understanding when data was actually received versus processed, blocking on other objects, rendering etc. Was there a reason this visualization was removed, and are there plans to bring it back? (I know that data arrival timing information is available in the log panel at the bottom, but it's much harder to parse there without the visualization)


11:01 AM, March 02, 2017  
Blogger Byungho Lim said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5:42 PM, March 03, 2017  
Blogger Neil Davidson said...

Battery indicator used to display %age remaining as well as approximate hours remaining; new update has removed the time. I found that visualisation more useful.

(Toshiba Chromebook 2)

4:41 AM, March 09, 2017  
Blogger Unknown said...

Display of % charge and hours left appears to be a bug that affects some models but not others. I see both with a 2013 Pixel and a 2017 Samsung Chromebook Pro.

4:51 AM, March 09, 2017  
Blogger Rou Kenny said...

When can HP Chromebook 11 G1 get an update?
I've been waiting for it forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:15 AM, March 09, 2017  

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