Paul-Robert Archibald said...

White screen on startup, stays like this for sometime, some extensions & url bar load-in but unusable.
Entire system grinds to a crawl while chrome is open (until all processes have terminated)

Same as last months bad update, compat mode is a work-around.

Krishna Govind said...

Paul-Robert Archibald@, could you pls report a bug with all details including OS, Chrome version and repro steps under crbug.com?

Paul-Robert Archibald said...

In hindsight it's not a chrome specific bug, same thing happened after updating display fusion. Completing Windows monthly update & nVidia's latest drivers may have helped.

Right now, I don't know the cause or the fix but it seems to be working for now.

Paul-Robert Archibald said...

I believe this a weird interaction of Malwarebytes & Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool. It locks up the GPU process (chrome process), repeatedly spiking to 100%.

Another side effect is my task manager (Process Explorer) was unusable.

Removing SRT file permissions in Windows & Restarting Malwarebytes resolved my issues.